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Available Format: paperback $5.00

Something Witchy is an assortment of dark poems by John Putignano. Each entry deals with subject matters such as mental illness, drug addiction, blasphemy, spiritualism, self-loathing, death, my own nightmares, and more. This chapbook is released by Entheogenic Lab Publishing.

AVAILABLE FORMAT: Paperback $7.99

A man finds a mermaid living in an Alabama swamp which leads to a disturbing discovery. After the death of his grandfather a young boy ventures into the basement to unearth the secrets the old man had. What he finds is pure Hell. A naked woman is tied to a table, left screaming in the cellar. She is about to partake in a stomach turning ritual. An oxycodone addicted trailer park queen becomes desperate for pills, so she comes up with a plan which will end disastrously. These are just some of the tales that are found in this book. A blend of rural noir and horror this collection of depraved and insane short stories is accompanied by the author’s poetry. Get ready for a sordid journey through the deep south.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Paperback $5.00 Kindle $2.50

In a subterranean hell there is a woman strapped to a bed, waiting to partake in a grotesque ritual. In an Alabama swamp an unsuspecting drunk will discover a murderous mermaid. These are just a couple of the eleven stories found in this book. Nothing will prepare you for this depraved blend of rural noir and horror.

REVIEW TAKEN FROM AMAZON: “This is my second book by this author. I love his take on the lives of those that are downtrodden, or make rash decisions that will impact their lives and those around them, the decisions often influenced by something else. These eleven tales are truly hectic, dark and really offer a glimpse into the characters crazy existence! Great noir reading, that’s most definitely extreme!”


Ritual child sacrifice, a witch, a boy with a sexual attraction to roadkill, a demented war veteran and a deadly fetish all make up the four stories in this collection of depraved tales. A Kindle exclusive.

John Putignano writing under the name “Asha’Shedim”

AVAILABLE FORMAT: Paperback $16.00

LIBER RUDRA presents one of the most comprehensive volumes from Asha’Shedim and The Lilin Society to date. Information-dense and replete with extensive ritual content and practical instruction, this book provides everything necessary for the reader to embark on the anticosmic, Satanic pathways as posited by The Lilin Society. A serious must-read for those who seek to better understand the sinister spirituality of this richly syncretic tradition.

Published through Martinet Press

Written under Asha’Shedim

Available Format: Paperback $12

The Lilin Society exists as an esoteric order which teaches Satanic Gnosticism. It exist with the aim to evolve the spirit of mankind into a new specie. It stands in opposition against causal abstractions such as government, religion and education. As Satanists we should walk the sinister path. We should personify our dark lord through sorcery as well as actions. This book contains some of the teachings of the Lilin Society. Offering its philosophy as well as its rituals, this book will give you a deeper understanding as to how and why sorcery works. It will help you understand how it can be used to evolve the spirit and break the shackles of cosmic bondage, thus bringing an end to all creation

Written under Asha’Shedim

Available Format: Paperback $9.99

This book contains Left Hand Sorcery from some of the darkest art in the occult. Learn the Left Hand Voodoo of the Petro Loa, the death cult of La Santa Muerte, the dark side of Chinese Tao and the most violent religion on Earth, Quimbanda. Written for the Satanic Gnostic this book contains everything the practitioner needs to get started in the darkest of the black arts. Written for members of the Satanic Gnostic group the Lilin Society it is now available to the general public.

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