Shadow Talk

Symphony, an orchestra of perplexed affairs the runt still dangles from the umbilical swing in my vehemence a course is charted I´m adrift and untethered gravity can´t govern me now yet I still answer to you so I promise and swear not to talk to the shadows today


She’s cad on her chosen path I wallow and wade in a viscous inamorata Peeling off that old sludge My pyre has withstood the gales and gusts Perilously trying to rekindle the departed An anemic which negates logic I’m the worm with fortified sentiment Yet I crumble when accosted That woman’s quite the terrorist AbandonedContinue reading “Pyre”

Amenhotep´s Lost Cause

Dawn cracks upon two horizons copious latency  within a labyrinthine of bramble in limestone Neferiti’s adrift with syncope Amenhotep’s turmoil is inert peasants renounce caustic bluster the venerated sun disc rots ” I ruled with temerity. By decree I offered a new world. Then the brutes ravaged it.How can anyone concord with the animus beasts?”