The Schizoaffective Writer

a sucking vortex of clips looped and spinning gushing across the cerebral terrain halt the lights have dimmed, it is bleak here all around me are the voices of people some I recognize, others I promise never to face “you’re better off dead.” “you’re nothing, a fucking loser.” “You’re better off dead.” suddenly, from withinContinue reading “The Schizoaffective Writer”

Brain Picking

My understanding thaws, revitalized to fester  resurgence is a call to arms in these subversive piss sumps Sleazy, Low-key junkie merging with the aberrant and decadent Cohesion is enslavement The nuisance of coffee house insurgents I’m inaugurating brusque ethos, crumbling by a searing, subjugated tabernacle Behind smoldering cobalt eyes is the profligate and I’m quiteContinue reading “Brain Picking”

The Seat of Consciousness

Everything had been systematic and clandestine  During a pursuit of fragmented archetypes I began to feel stifled by a stale cognition   Suddenly, from the base of my spine came an immense surge an unbridled current exploded forth Scorching my chakras prior to smashing into the apex Once inside Power was redistributed with focus set onContinue reading “The Seat of Consciousness”

Worm with Wings

Generally Speaking I´m incapable of confiding with my cognition susceptibility enthralled to leaping spectres flailing and bashing I´m dragged reluctantly toward hysteria unfettered in this state of mania plagued by casuistry and crippling delusions locked and shackled to an inflated shadow begging to be exonerated, liberated limping and aching as my spine splits open finally,Continue reading “Worm with Wings”