Houri and the Magus

Sapience forms a caustic puddle, the portal of life secretes she’s  majestic, blue-skinned paragon, occult magus and gameteat will she animates the dead for Saturnalia genital worshiptongues salivate, putrid neophytes grovel before the dentata eviscerated nippers, newborn skin tanned, embroidered into attirewargasms disembowel armies in fervent vehemence, Elysian purifier A sapphic nymph submits, Beguiled by devi sorceryThe houriContinue reading “Houri and the Magus”


On a cracked stoop, a pile of children’s shoes There’s a pint of ash, love deformed Situated, very still in that stone well Jesus glows in the musty hallway I’ll dig ‘til I smell sulfur Anguished I slip the mundane Rather I be another dead kid?


without construct how can we map this brittle shell encompases a sterile yolkour shadows are swallowedI didn’t realized the vacuum could be so white drowning in static seepage, shall we divide this cancer?does this not illustrate Golgotha’s allure?just another misfire, deep cerebral explosionsthis old hound got a hammer and anvil death, much like myself, is a laborer of circumstancefat tyrants wine, toastingContinue reading “Mechanical”