Casualties are superfluous Notably when the scandal ends Many commiserated with them Suddenly the exhile is forced further We all realize there is a point of no return these crippled, battered bodies are depleted That’s why their wrists bleed, darling


A trickling valve reverberates As a November chill sneaks about Crushed glass cuts open your bare feet There’s burning from within It transmits from your esophagus And escapes your perjurer’s lips Torn from the abdomen A festering, gaping pit Where worms prosper Where your heart was once set Now is inhabited by the festering AndContinue reading “Blight”

The Fall of the Lilin Society

The onetime great Lilin Society has crumbled We sought to surpass spiritual bounds A sealed circle of occultists exploring the esoteric but as with anything, people ravaged it Metaphors were taken verbatim And our doctrine became infected Liberating rituals were replaced by racist ramblings and iron eagles A sect that at one time was acceptingContinue reading “The Fall of the Lilin Society”


Arachnid mother Paramour of the moon Cradle your abortions Sinister feminine Evening harpy Snatching kiddies from their beds Sustaining on unspoiled prana Ama-Lilith, I relinquish myself with absolute compliance Peering deep into your formless face Great mother and whore, I submit Permit me to sever my own throat Recognize this consecrated sacrifice I surrender