Pomba Gira

Her dance is enthralling

The way she swings those hips

Mandating bloodbath orgies

The voracious epitome of sex

Elegant and nurturing

Fierce godhead, abusing skin

She’s a conduit of animosity and vehemence

Red clad dress, stained with goat’s blood

sensual cemetery matron

With promiscuous vulgarity

She calls upon lethal serpents

I’m gripped by her, intrigued

Tremendous and gorgeous Pomba Gira

whore of the seven kalungas

And the wretched of the trashcan

Climaxing long after death

My cadaver is hers to idolize with her tongue

and to exploit with her talons

Until my carcass stinks with putrefaction

Nude, the voluptuous goddess proceeds with her salacious dance


Arachnid mother

Paramour of the moon

Cradle your abortions

Sinister feminine

Evening harpy

Snatching kiddies from their beds

Sustaining on unspoiled prana

Ama-Lilith, I relinquish myself with absolute compliance

Peering deep into your formless face

Great mother and whore, I submit

Permit me to sever my own throat

Recognize this consecrated sacrifice

I surrender


I’ve soaked in some of the strongest qlipha

Savored Naheema’s bile, lactated from a blue breast

I’ve desecrated the lifeless

And I pissed in the demiurge’s face

And where has it gotten me?

sure, The chavajoth are tangible

and I’ve had tea with divinities

I say we go all in

Instantly I clear a gateway

Right through my brain

At the Crossroads

Standing at the crossroads

with skepticism plastered on my face

Approached a man ostensibly out of nowhere

That stink of brandy and cigar

He didn’t require a voice to speak

Entire exchanges in silence

But there was an awareness

A pact

Yes I lived a life of privilege

As I get closer to death I wonder about that peek

The diabolical fuck fest that I saw was gorgeous

I saw mayhem, nonpartisan turmoil

I frequently admire what life must be like in chaos

Ultimately, Legba will reap

Until then, I’ll enjoy an unrestrained spirit


I set out into the labyrinth

Naheema’s wretched spawn occupied the shadows, pleasuring themselves

And what of Tanin’iver?

What convenes lovers

And how can it provoke such havoc

Voids in the cosmos

When Samael and Lilith come together a new current will overturn the demiurge’s dominion

But this Tanin’iver, what is it?

Is it a devil?

Or something the devils chatter about

They say it’s the climax of cosmic creation

our spark will be autonomous from clayform

Free of bonds

But this cannot occur without the mechanism needed to unite hell’s royalty


Where is Tanin’iver?

Lord of Shit and Flies

Toothless hags mumble

Bare, the meat of the devils

Promise a person enlightenment and they will slaughter a hooker in San Diego

just for a peek

just like those brides of night, I too like to play with fire

Lord of shit and flies

Not to speak of the swollen carcasses

So yes, I contacted one of his majesty’s sinners but walked away unhappy

Despite the reek of decay

that stench that punctured and polluted

there, at a table, was the devil

“Kill her” I bade

And the sinner nodded its head

“She’s already gone” it hissed

Forty minutes later

with the red and blues blaring behind me

And those old hags are my passengers

Lord of shit and flies


If I’m to be candid, the sun just isn’t as luminous as it once was

And once something dims, like a light bulb, it only gets worse until

No light

I got maps on my goddamn arms

Yes, I intend to prevail

One day, I suppose

I can’t help but appreciate that infinite blackness

That cold, opaque emptiness

Once acquitted what do you do

You just go back to the fucking universe

That’s what you do

So…the scars, you want to know about them?

Memos to slash deeper next time

Let the Shadow Play

I marvel at a thought I had earlier in the day

what would it be like to just give in

imagine, what if you were to permit your shadow persona to…takeover

I mean, don’t we all yearn for furlough

Am I right?

Isn’t it remarkable how everything the shadow executes

every sexy, vicious crime

That it’s somehow justified?

So I grabbed a back seat and transferred discretion to my companion


Soot circulates through my essence

how much indecency can a heathen handle?

Untamed manners

Who’d reckon folks bleed this much?


as I stifle the nightmares

I say with loss in my voice


Moloch’s Faction

Let the insufficient bastard sob

Promptly we’ll stick it with Moloch

Hallowed sigils and feral dances

we’ll let the devils hear our furor

Moloch is rendered with iron

he maintains a compartment for this insignificant, goddamn runt

The lass is to be sanctified in hellfire

Oh, heed the infant’s howl while we use it to nourish the blazes

Black mist ululates from Moloch’s gaze

the dancers, partakers in sacrilege, abruptly standstill

The newborn‘s scorched, nonetheless, i’s now pure

and so the unruly ghouls erupt into orgy