Casualties are superfluous

Notably when the scandal ends

Many commiserated with them

Suddenly the exhile is forced further

We all realize there is a point of no return

these crippled, battered bodies are depleted

That’s why their wrists bleed, darling

The Chavajoth’s Channel

I accept the Chavajoth’s channeling

That gradual ascent toward the god head

Escalating up the Qliphoth

Duality at the top realm

Satan and Moloch

Each chamber overflows with sorcery

And I siphon it

Leaning over the vacuum

Glaring down

And the cosmic unwind is developing

And death will be ubiquitous

Reeking of the malevolent blood


Smash your clay form

Through ritual suicide


A trickling valve reverberates

As a November chill sneaks about

Crushed glass cuts open your bare feet

There’s burning from within

It transmits from your esophagus

And escapes your perjurer’s lips

Torn from the abdomen

A festering, gaping pit

Where worms prosper

Where your heart was once set

Now is inhabited by the festering

And the once venerable worm becomes a blight


I added another album “The Original Drug Child: The Early Days” album to the Black Lodge Laboratory section along with a brand new single “Submission to the Weaver”. There is also a BLL t-shirt for sale on that page.


I have included a new section of music called Black Lodge Laboratory. I have posted two albums, “Bedlam” which is new and “Goddamn America” which is a 2016 re-issue. Also I have posted a music interview on that page. Enjoy


You are ready, you got this

You watch them from the dark yard

With calm hands, you snip the phone line

You are in complete control

so let them know it

Does it get you off to bind them

Seeing their tears flow, eyes large with horror

Faces covered with old shirts and plastic bags


Were you hard when they begged for their lives?

Or to spare the children?

You decide to exterminate them all

The youngest hangs from a pipe

She was who you really needed, wasn’t she?

Did you get what you came for?

The Fall of the Lilin Society

The onetime great Lilin Society has crumbled

We sought to surpass spiritual bounds

A sealed circle of occultists exploring the esoteric

but as with anything, people ravaged it

Metaphors were taken verbatim

And our doctrine became infected

Liberating rituals were replaced by racist ramblings and iron eagles

A sect that at one time was accepting of all who wished to learn had become stifled by radical fascists

I watched as the interlopers defiled my creation

The cult morphed into an agency of hate

The once elucidating sinister path became toxic ruins

Many were lost in the labyrinth

so as the sect’s founder I was accountable

I had to make a decision

So I scorched my creation

Along with the filth that bound to it

Now the Lilin Society is dead