No Religion

As a Satanist one must realize that what we have can’t ever be a religion, for to recognize a religion is to recognize an authoritarian figure head and structured sets of dogma. Now the labyrinth of the Lilin Society I have spoken of in the past gets a little more confusing. The words contradiction comes to mind of many for they reply with the fact that the Lilin Society has rules and some would say that myself, being the leader of this society, acts as its head.

What differentiates the teachings of the Lilin Society from say Christianity is that we promote self evolution and encourage dissidence. We are a rebellious group but loyal to our own sinister kind, and only loyal to our own sinister kind. Never once have I demanded anyone treat me any different from an initiate, never once have I demanded respect due to my position as leader. Truth be told, I walk a solitary path for the most part and do not partake in group workings. This is my nature. I am selfish in my quest and therefore I do not play well with others.

The Lilin Society was never meant to be some cult, not some place where empty headed weaklings can be told what to do. If it’s a tit you seek to suck on there exists plenty of religions out there. The reason that I formed structure was to aid those who need the group setting. I have taught those who need group settings how to effectively run their own sect. The Lilin Society has an always will be a loose network of kindred spirits whom support 1)the destruction of causal abstractions of all kinds including government, religions and its propaganda education system 2) the aeonic sorcery which will either bring about world wide enlightenment and evolution or decimate this planet (the latter is more than likely) 3) the evolution of the spirit to become a new specie of man and 4) the total annihilation of the causal world we live in and a return to what is natural, cosmic chaos.

Anarchy is the only law for the lawless. Blood stained streets and empty bullet shells are just a dent in the coming anarchy for to truly be effective we must infiltrate the system and demolish it from within. That is where the Dreccs come into play. We must be parasites whom guise as mundanes and suck the prana from this planet. Our goals of cosmic destruction are kind of out of our reach, for now, but why strive to break sephirotic chains when the chains of causal abstractions bind us here and now with their subjective laws? There is only one law and that is of honor.

The causal abstraction of government tells you that murder is wrong. I disagree with this statement for I feel that a good culling once in a great while does the land good. It cleanses the already filthy streets of mundane nuisances. The United States sponsors unnecessary wars that are un winnable, wars like that on drugs or terrorism. Let the weak shoot their dope and kill themselves, let the terrorists cull and bring about aeonic sorcery, whether it brings enlightenment or holocaust at least it’s a change in the mundane world.
Now I have stated in the past that the Lilin Society doesn’t promote criminal behavior. That’s right, for to promote it is to be called a terrorist group and will surely lead to the collapse of the Society. Who am I to tell a member he cannot go out and kill or steal? I am not an authoritarian godhead and this is not a religion. If a Lilin Society member wants to detonate a bomb that kills himself and dozens of others in the name of Satan, who am I to say don’t do that? I just see an explosion of violence causes a dent in the causal abstraction, it is a blemish and a series of statistics. It causes no change except incarceration or death, a death more often than most that the Satanist wasn’t ready for. I encourage weak minded Lilin Society members to kill themselves.
This is not a religion. Don’t mistake it for one.


The Lilin Society Drecc

The purpose of this manuscript is to help people understand the difference between the Dreccs of the Lilin Society and those of O9A. Although there are some similarities there are a great deal of differences that need to be addressed.

Being a niner I fully support the Order of the Nine Angles. They have inspired me greatly
along my path and this shows in my manuscripts within the Lilin Society. I have never denied that I have borrowed from the O9A to build upon my own work, but there is a difference between stealing from and building upon the foundations of many of their works.

Recently I have formed the Order of the Dreccs. The Lilin Society Drecc is different that of the O9A. Here is a part of an MS on Dreccs from O9A. “We are Drecc – those who bring conflict; who vex others; who tempt others; who seek to defy the limits and laws set and imposed by The Mundanes. We are heresy, chaos, disruption, conflict, terror, combat, temptation, and also forbidden pleasures and forbidden joy.”

In the Lilin Society a Drecc is an agent of chaos but his deception is what puts him elite above other Lilin Society members. He lives among the mundane and lives an extended insight role in which he infiltrates the causal abstraction to tear it down from the inside. The Lilin Society Drecc is heresy, chaos, disruption, conflict, terror, combat, temptation, and also forbidden pleasures and forbidden joy; but in secret. He is the sower of Satanic seeds. He is propaganda as he poisons the world of the mundane.
Another part of the same O9A MS states “To us – as it says in our missive, Dark Warriors of The Sinister Way – belong practical sinister, amoral, deeds. For we are sinister. We are amoral. We are
heresy, and outlaws, and
often lurk in the margins
of society, in the
shadows, there between
the light and the dark.
We, of The Drecc, seek
to gather ourselves in
tribes, just as we live,
and we strive to die, by
our own rules, by our own laws, for we have contempt and disdain for all the laws and all the societies, forms and Institutions, of The Mundanes.”

The Lilin Society Drecc also practices amoral, sinister deeds. Being amoral is the core of all real Satanists. What the Lilin Society Drecc is not is an outlaw. He will remain in his insight role until the time comes to shed the disguise. Then, and only then, will he become the outlaw. When the war begins he will emerge from the shadows to fight the Causal Abstractions. He follows the laws of the mundane to keep his deception going. A lot of damage can be done when a wolf slips in among the flock.
“For we are the one who cull, in real life: as a challenge, as a joy; as means of Presencing The Dark, of implementing our personal and our aeonic, dialectic: of Change, Chaos, and evolution.” is another part of the MS of the O9A.

In the Lilin Society the Drecc culls as well. He does it from the shadows. He may use sorcery to do it but since he is elite in the Lilin Society he may take the lone wolf approach and cull using physical ritual sacrifice of a proper sacrificial candidate. He may be a serial killer and if he choses this path it will be the deception which he lives, the mask he wears, that ensures his success in the endeavor.

“We are the ones who seek to challenge ourselves; to change ourselves; to evolve; to transform ourselves into a new type of human being” comes from the same O9A MS.

In the Lilin Society the Drecc has the same goal. The goal is to challenge oneself through extensive insight roles where he becomes a pillar of the community. He will do whatever it takes to deceive the mundane world. He may even belong to a church of Masonic Lodge. Change comes from the inner struggle that comes with the insight role. It is evolution through pain and suffering. The Satanist cannot find joy living as a mundane and this extended role causes great internal struggle. This leads transforming into the new type of being.

“Thus do we – as a sinister kindred, as a sinister collective, as sinister tribes – seek to transgress all the limits set and made by the mundanes and their societies, and thus do we laugh at them, play our sinister games with them, and consider them as our resource, but always ready, willing and able as we are to find those few from among those mundanes who might possess some potential, something of our own sinister nature. Thus will we recruit, train and guide those few who like us dare to defy and who see or who feel the societies of the mudanes for the impersonal tyranny that they are.” This comes from the same O9A MS.
The Lilin Society Drecc plays his sinister games with the mundanes however no one would expect that he is the one playing these games. He uses the mundane to get further into the Causal Abstraction, all the meanwhile studying his surroundings. If he finds a mundane with an inkling of Satanic essence, he will reveal himself and train him to be a Drecc. He will aid in his evolution. If this potential initiate reveals the true identity of the Drecc in any way, the Drecc will exterminate the initiate. He then will relocate and continue to rebuild his deceptive role.

“For our Way, the Way of The Dark Warrior, is the practical way of being tough; of being armed, and trained and prepared to fight, to kill, to defend ourselves, and defend those of our own tribe, our own sinister kindred.” This comes from the same O9A MS.
The Lilin Society Drecc is superior in every way. He must be mentally and spiritually tough in order to maintain the inner conflict of the insight role. He is physically tough. He may know a martial art. He is always armed. He carries a gun with him at all times and has an arsenal in his house. He is proficient with his firearms and has learned many techniques and tactics involved with them. He may have had military experience. He is always devoted to his own sinister kind and will do what he must to defend his brothers and sisters of the Lilin Society.

I encourage all Satanists to seek out the path of the Lilin Society Drecc. Only the strong can walk this path, and the weak will fail. Even if you fail as a Drecc you have lived an insight role that few ever take. It still leads to strength and evolution.
So-do you have what it takes to become a


Our Left Hand Path

The Left Hand Path is a personal path one takes consciously. We have been born hard wired to follow the Demiurgic cults and accept the causal world for what it is. We are born to love and praise this world. Those of us enlightened enough to see past the illusion decided at some point in our lives that there needs to be more. There has to be more.

This gravitation toward the left happens early in life when the child begins to ask questions that cannot be answered with scripture. The child begins to see the decay and rot of the world, the ugliness of it. Misanthropy begins to form.

At some point the now adult will do one of two things. He will simply go through life miserable, living a mundane life of materialism without gratification until he either kills himself or dies some other way. The other option, if he is intelligent enough and exposed to it, is to embrace the Left Hand Path.

The Left Hand Path is a complex labyrinth of knowledge and wisdom. It is a working of esoteric and exoteric personal experiences, living by personal judgement, and amorality, the going beyond the limits set by the social, political, religious and legal norms of society. By consciously taking this path less traveled the individual will gain knowledge and progress toward adeptship, which leads to gnosis.

The Lilin Society believes in strength in all forms. Therefore it emphasizes as follows:

1) Laborious and physically exhausting challenges
2) times of spiritual segregation in which the individual has detached from all outside contact
3) commiting sinister acts including human culling and partaking in dangerous and challenging insight roles
4) A study of the dark arts limiting not to a single tradition but transcending many.
5) The evolution of the spirit and man to become a new, superior specie called homo galaticus.

Satanism has been defined and redefined so many times it is sickening. To the Lilin Society there are a couple things which one must understand to properly define this mess we call Satanism.

1) The acceptance and belief in the existence of acausal beings, defined as belonging to the spiritual world of the lawless eternity of chaos, that which exists outside of cosmic creation.
2) The acceptance and belief in the acausal being called Satan
3) having the belief that this Satan has some control over, or influence upon human beings, both individually and aeonic.
This shapeshifting, omnipresent being called Satan exists in the acausal dimensions of Sitra Achra but can and has manifested in our causal universe, notably as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He is not “the” god but one of many dark gods whom exist in Sitra Achra. We, human beings, can know and experience Satan by:
1) sorcery, which is the accessing and channeling of acausal energy through a nexion
2) living amoral and sinister lives
3) human sacrifice
4) by entering the acausal upon death by shedding material anchors that bind us to this world, destroying out ego and living according to the sinister law.

We do not worship Satan in the Lilin Society, for no Satanist shall bow to any god or man, but rather a profound appreciation of the acausal entities known as gods or demons. They are something we aspire to become one day.

Satan has nothing to do with the Biblical tale of a fallen angel. He is a god and we have given him this name for he is the adversary of the Demiurge. The dark gods explain such things as dragons, jinn, demons and supernatural serpents.

We believe there is a esoteric name for Satan, a name which can be known through a particular esoteric chant in which we will open a nexion to the acausal and allow one or more of the dark gods, including Satan, to presence in and change our causal world. To eventually bring about it’s destruction.
We follow the path of pathei-mathos, which is the act of learning through personal suffering, hardship and experience. We learn through adversity.

Human sacrifice in the Lilin Society has many methods. There is the physical act through occult ritual, assassinations or staged accidents. One can also spend a period of time coaching individuals into committing suicide OR manipulating others to do it for you. If one took on the insight role of law enforcement or military, the act of culling is more likely. Unless it is in your insight role, the Society only approves ritual culling through sorcery.

Culling sheds prana, or energy, as well as thin the mundane herd. It also builds the sinister character up and binds them to their sect, coven or society.

Sacrifices involving man are never chosen randomly. They must be selected based upon their role as an adversary to Satanism. From here they are tested and judged.


The Satanic Points

These are the Satanic Points of the Lilin Society.
1.We believe in the existence of Cosmic Chaos and Cosmic Order.
2.We believe Cosmic Chaos is the infinite origin. 3.We believe Cosmic Order is a finite enslavement.
4.We believe the god of Cosmic Order is a demiurge, a tyrant.
5.We believe in strength and spiritual evolution.
6.We believe our spirit is infinite, thus originates in this Cosmic Chaos, the acausal plane of unmanifested existence.
7.We are practicioners who dedicate our lives and mind to the art.
8.We believe in the unknown god of Chaos. We believe Satan rules Sitra Achra, the adverse of cosmic order. Sitra Achra is not Chaos, but a step toward it.
9.We do not believe in the Christian version of Satan. He was not a fallen angel.
10.We believe life is the illusion and death is the eternity of the soul.
11.We believe in reincarnation but strive to prevent it. We wish to return to Ur-Chaos.
12.We believe in brotherhood. We shall help those within the Society and never turn on a member within the Society. We are bound by spirit, and thus shall aid each other in spiritual matters.
13.We believe in secrecy. We are bound by our oath and shall not discuss secrets with non members.
14.We are Satanists and we believe in blood ritual. Let the prana empower.

  1. We are a society. We do not have priests or masters. The only real statue above member is the Council which serves to screen new members and enhance the Society and it’s direction. No Satanist shall bow before any other Satanists for it puts them in a position of submission. We do not submit.
  2. We believe in acausal energy and that humans are nexions to the acausal realm, this explains sorcery.
    17.We believe in three forms of sorcery; Causal, Acausal and Aeonic.
    18.We believe in human sacrifice through Sorcery and that is the only means of Human Sacrifice.
    19.We believe that all human sacrifices must be chosen, tested and judged and that there death will benefit Satanism. 19
    20.We believe that morals are subjective and Satan is evil. As Satanists we will personify this evil in our daily lives.
    21.We do not reconize the plastic Church of Satan or the Church of Set.
    22.We explore all forms of the dark arts and use what works for us without restriction.
  3. We believe in acausal entities which exist without form and can be known and contacted through darrk sorcery.
    24.We believe in acausal empathy, which is the sensitivity and awareness of acausal energies as they exist in humans.
    25.We believe that we have the ability to participate in and control out own evolution through the acausal.
    26.We believe that esoteric knowledge (gnosis) requires both development of our psychic faculties and practical knowledge of the acausal continuum dereiving from acausal beings.
    27.Satanism is more than a religion, it is a philosophy and a way of life.


Basic Demon Summoning Ritual

Sometimes the simplest and most used methods work the best. This is a method which has been passed down for many years but I have altered it to fit in with the current of Chaos Gnosticism.

The spirits of the acausal realm do not have names in the sense that we do. We give them names to identify them. Understand that Asmodeus of the Chavajoth may not be the same as Asmodeus from Goetia, but they share something for they both share the name. They in fact may be the same, the point is that you are not sure so you must be sure of your intention and exactly which form of a demon you wish to summon. Understand that to summon a demon for thrill or just because you can is irresponsible and insulting, not to mention dangerous.
Light black candles upon the altar and incense before the black mirror. It is important that you are not disturbed during this ritual. There should be no audio or visual distractions. This is a personal ritual and the demon does not like an audience.
Take your time and draw the demon’s sigil on a piece of cloth. Paper can work but I prefer cloth. Never burn the sigil, it can be reused. Draw this without being disturbed. Close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind. Chant the demon’s name out loud. Then when the image is clear recite the following prayer.

“Lord Satan, wrathful gods of the Chavajoth of the Other Side, I ask for your assistance. I ask that you allow my mind to comprehend and aid me in executing this ritual. God of Sitra Achra, father of Qayin and Qalmana, Satan I request you to inspire__________(name of Demon) to manifest before me, that he/she may give me accurate and true answers so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his/her office. This I respectfully ask in Your Name, Lord Satan.”

You should immediately feel a positive and strong energy. This is the acausal sorcery in effect. If you have traveled to the abyss this ritual should be no issue for you have already strengthened your bond with the acausal world. If not then the demon may not appear, or he has and you just didn’t sense it. If this is the case do not give up, try again another time.

Be prepared to offer the demon something in return. Ask him what he wants and do not fail to deliver. There is no need for banishing rituals, these rituals are for the Demiurge cults who abuse the dark side.
For those new to demon summoning, the demon may communicate in the following ways. The demon may speak to you through thoughts. At first it can certainly be difficult for those who are not as sensitive to psychic ability to distinguish between the communication from a demon and their own thoughts. If this is the case the Sorcerer should practice techniques to increase their psychic abilities.
For those more psychic and have experience the Sorcerer may see and hear the demon in a causal form. The form may not make sense for your brain doesn’t have the ability to fully comprehend the acausal.

Another method in which the demon may have contact is through invocation of the energy of the demon. This powerful aura may allow us to see and hear the demon. To those without the black flame burning within, this may be terrifying. The final way is through poltergeist activity, such as temperature change, objects in the room moving, or even objects hurling across the room.

At times demon summoning can be overwhelming. The Sorcerer may walk away from the ritual with feelings of madness and a loss of touch with reality. In some cases, Sorcerers have died during demon summoning rituals.


Book of Lilith

She is divine serenity, rage, dominance, motherlike compassion; Lilith wears many faces and this is why we associate her as the faceless Queen. She is the serpent, the other face, which tempted Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. She is the mother of Qayin and Qalmana who were born in the womb of Eve. When Eve drank from the river of forget to unlearn what the Demiurge deemed dangerous, the unborn children were unaffected.

As we progress to ascend the Tree of Death we shall encounter Lilith many times on our voyage. We shall begin at Malkuth where we are faced with the abysmal form of Mother Earth. The violence of nature unfold for she cannot be tamed. Mankind may build their structures tall, their bridges long but at any time Lilith in this form will swallow what man has created.

The womb of the whore is a gateway, a grave to the first stage of spiritual change. Where the body dies, the spirt carries on and transcends the barriers cosmic creation have built up around it. The adept takes death as a blessing as he is ready to continue his journey to be one with the other side. A world just within our reach but unable to be processed, a world which can be accessed through meditation, a place we call the Abyss. With practice the adept will find himself at the entranceway to the Qliphoth.
The second qlipha is ruled by Lilith, the sphere of Gamaliel which is called the Obscene one. This is a realm of forbidden sexuality full of the whores of hell. This is the demonic personification of primal instincts. The adept looks deep in himself amongst the orgy where the moon drops blood, the vaginal fluids of the demonic feminine. This is the potion of immortality. Drink the menstruation of her womb. Drink the lunar blood of the moon.

Lilith rules the two lower spheres yet her throne is in Satariel, dark counterpart of Binah, mother. She is the dark mother, the great demon whore of the qliphoth. One will not survive their encounter with the dark goddess, for she will kill the adept to bring him eternal life.

She is the beautiful nurturing mother yet she is the abysmal whore of death. She is the incomprehensible to the neophyte but beneficial to the adept. She is Lilith.



There’s a new section in the menu section called Lilin Society. This page contains articles, prayers, rituals and more used by the satanic cult the Lilin Society. This was once ran by John Putignano under the name Asha’Shedim

Article About Human Sacrifice that mentions the Lilin Society

The Dark Origins of Human Sacrifice in Society Today

Article by Leo Zagami

The custom of human sacrifice is evident in a multitude of cultures and regions around the world. Human sacrifice is the act of killing one or more humans, usually as an offering to a deity. Past physical evidence of such evil practice came prevalently from Mesopotamia, the Shang dynasty era China, and the Aztec world of Mesoamerica. Ancient Jews did not forbid human sacrifice, but they banned unnecessary blood effusions, such as inflicted by Mesopotamian worshippers of Baal (who, for example, sacrificed themselves to please their alien-like divinity). Patriarch Abraham was stopped from carrying out the sacrificial throat-cutting of his beloved young son, Isaac, by the “Word of God.” God solely intended to test Abraham’s obeisance and trust, and a surrogate sacrifice was made with an immaculate white raminstead, caught in nearby bushes.

The purpose and reasoning for human sacrificing remains a great mystery for the majority of researchers. It becomes difficult for scholars to pinpoint the origins and rationale for such rituals because they have not been initiated into the secret sects and mystery schools, controlling the established cults and religions that perpetrated them. Due to the emotional and moral dilemma of studying human sacrifice, much of the data and interpretations can be tainted by the personal feelings of the researcher. The majority of people often broadly label human sacrifice as evil and barbaric, having no interest in why such ceremonies occurred and  ignore the existence of such ceremonies in today’s society.

Aztec people of Mesoamerica constituted the most well-known civilization for the practice of human sacrifice. Although perhaps the most infamous method of human sacrifice in the Aztec civilization is the excision of the heart, many other methods existed like decapitation, cutting of the throat, being thrown into a fire, being shot with arrows, drowned, being buried alive, or hurled down from the top of a pole or pyramid. Human sacrifice is still practiced to this day around the world and not only by the dark side of the Illuminati.

On January 7, 2016 a teenage boy’s headless body was found near a cremation ground on the road to Bhagwanpur village in the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. Next to the headless corpse, earthen lamps, incense sticks, sindoor (vermillion), flowers and a bhoj-patra (plate) were strewn about. The father later admitted  beheading his own son after reading a black magic manual.

“After reading the book, I was convinced that this special puja was the only way to end my miseries. So I beheaded my son,” Bharti admitted to the startled police.

A few months later, in October 2016, again in India, an 18-month-old baby girl was allegedly sacrificed for a black magic ritual in the southern province of Karnataka. So why are such rituals still practiced in India? Black magic rituals are regularly practiced by the Hindu community in various parts of the country for personal gains, property dispute, treasure hunting, and male childbirth. Many Hindus believe in the use of black magic in curing diseases, taking revenge, acquiring wealth, or attracting an unwilling companion. This doesn’t happen only in India, as the practice of ritual killing and human sacrifice continues to take place in several African countries in contravention of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and other human rights instruments.

In the 21st-century human beings are still being hunted down, mutilated, murdered, or sacrificed for ritual purposes across the region to help the corrupt African elite maintain their positions. Several cases of kidnapping and disappearance of persons are traced to the vicious schemes and activities of ritualists often working with the dark side of the Illuminati. In most cases, those targeted for ritual sacrifice are vulnerable members of the population — the poor, women, children,the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Ritualists and magicians from certain secret societies hunt for and harvest human body parts to prepare charms and magical concoctions. In some cases, desperate ritualists invade cemeteries and exhume dead bodies to extract body parts. Ritual killing and related human rights abuse take place because many people still believe that the use of charms and the performance of ritual sacrifice can fortify them spiritually, enhance their fortune in business and during elections, or protect them from harm, disease, poverty, accident, death, and destruction. Africa and India have a truly dark side that is present in contemporary Western civilization even if mostly hidden.

The only Satanic sect that appears to condone human sacrifice and “human culling” out in the open these days is the Lilin Society, founded in 2013, in the United States. The Lilin Society presents itself as targeting the “serious practitioners” in search of “Luciferian Gnosis.” The society’s founder, Massachusetts native Asha’Shedim, describes the Church of Satan as “plastic” and says Lilins neither recognize them or the Temple of Set.

“Human sacrifice in the Lilin Society has many methods. There is the physical act through occult ritual, assassinations or staged accidents,”according to Asha’Shedim’s writings, “human sacrifice should only be practiced on those who are adversaries of Satan, and their death should be of benefit to Satan.”

According to Asha’Shedim’s blog, Lilins do not see Satan as the one god, but one of many “dark gods”. They do not worship Satan because “no Satanist shall bow to any god or man.” Instead, Lilins has “a profound appreciation of the acausal entities known as gods or demons. They are something we aspire to become one day.” Besides human sacrifice, Satan and his power can also be experienced through “sorcery” and “living sinister lives”, according to Asha’Shedim (aka Reverend Elijah Lawless, aka Aka Paimon, aka John Putignano) who seems to have well-established links with the dark side of the Illuminati dedicated to Voodoo, the Quimbanda, The Cult of Santa Muerte and to Qliphothic magic…

Book of Chavajoth

The Chavajoth have gone by other names, mainly Azerate which is used by the Temple of the Black Light, however I have felt that Chavajoth is the more traditional term for the eleven Anti Cosmic Gods of the Tree of Death.

As we ascend the tree we come to the first sphere known as Nehemoth, ruled by Naamah. This is the sister of Lilith, she is also known as the face of Lilith. Nehemoth is the whisperers, or night specters. This is the dark side of Malkuth, our physical world and thus the first sphere during our climb.
Gamaliel is known as the polluted of God, referring to the Demiurge. Whereas Yesod is the place of the final forms before they become matter in Malkuth, these are the adverse images that produce vile results. Lilith rules this sphere.

Samael is the desolation of god and the Left Hand. Whereas Hod is the working of the Will of the Demiurge Samael is the barren desolation. This is ruled by Adramelech.
Harab Serapel is the Ravens of the Burning God and where Netzach is the openness of love, this is where misanthropy originates. The ruler of this sphere is Baal Thagirion, those who bellow grief and tears. Where Tiphereth is the place of beauty and rejoicing guised by the false light, Thagirion exposes the truth in that it all is an illusion.
Golachab is the sphere of the burning bodies. Geburah is a going forth in power to rule whereas the Golachab is those who burn to destroy creation, even themselves to return to the unmanifested universe. This sphere is ruled by Asmodeus
Gamchicoth is the devourers. Where chesed is the source of bounty both in idea and substance to the lower forms Gamchicoth is the order who wish to waste the thought of creation. This is ruled by Astaroth.
Sathariel is the concealment of the Demiurge. Binah is the “great revealing” or in truth concealing whereas Sathariel conceals the false lies and reveals truth. This is ruled by Lucifuge Rofocale.

Chaigidel is the confusion of the power of the Demiurge. These are to scramble the powers of Chokmah, to choke out that which gives vital energy stolen for the creation process of Binah. This sphere is ruled by Beelzebuth.

Thamiel is the duality in the Demiurge. Where Kether is unity in creation Thamiel is the division of that which is perfect in the eyes of thoughtful light. This sphere is ruled by Satan and Moloch. Satan looks up to the unmanifested universe he wishes to return to while Moloch looks down at the spheres of the Qliphoth.

When these Wrathful Gods unite they form the dragon known as Chavajoth which will cause total cosmic destruction, kill creation and return all to the womb of Tiamat.


Consecrating the Sacred Tools

The sacred tools are not to be used before reaching External Adept with the exception of the Sacrificial Obsidian Blade. This item is necessary prior and all sacrifices are done with this blade. These items must be consecrated before one can begin the Initiation rituals and tests.

The first tool is the Obsidian Athame. Acquire an obsidian blade and a wooden handle. On the handle carve or burn the sigil of Lucifer and the esoteric sigil of Azoth. During the hour of Saturn light a black candle and hold the blade over the flame. Repeat the phrase

“et aperuerit tibi portas mortis”

Now raise the athame high. Lower it back into the flame.

“In the name of Lord Satan, bringer of the Black Flame and liberator, I consecrate this athame in your name.”

Now raise the athame high. Lower it back into the flame and chant “Chaos” ten times slowly. Envision the powers of Sitra Achra charging the tool.

Lift the blade and extinguish the flame. Now take this athame and wrap it in a silk like black fabric and put it away until you reach the Ritual of the External Adept. Do not look at this blade until the day of the ritual and do not reveal it until the ritual begins.

The next tool is the Ceremonial Sigil. The sigil is on the right. This sacred sigil contains the esoteric sigils of Azoth, Acausal energy, Gnosis, Nexion, Abyss and the serpent circle. The sigil is burnt, carved or painted on a round piece of wood.

Light a black candle with the sigil of Lucifer carved into the side of the candle. Sacrifice an animal and spill the blood over the sigil while chanting “Chaos”.

Now recite the consecration prayer substituting the athame for the Ceremonial Sigil. Now place in a silk like black cloth and do not reveal again until the Ritual of the External Adept. If this is to be worn later it must contain 122 black wooden beads.
The next tool is the Serpent Wand. This wand must either be a serpent like wand in that it bends alot like a slithering snake or it must be carved to resemble a snake. Complete the ritual you did to the Ceremonial Sigil and then wrap in the silk like material and do not reveal until the Ritual of the External Adept.


The final tool is the Sacrificial Obsidian Blade. This tool is consecrated exactly like the athame with one exception. It is wrapped in the silk like material for one day and revealed on the hour of Saturn the next day. It is immediatly ready for use in all blood shedding.