Translucence: A disease in which the skin becomes semitransparent and takes on a cloudy appearance in which the organs and muscles are seen beneath the skin.

He watched them as they played outside. He always watched them. His curious eyes darted wildly; desperate to capture every moment. He’d laugh and giggle as he watched the kids pretend to be pirates. He would bite his nails as he witnessed intense shootouts when they pulled out their plastic guns and played cops and robbers. When they played tag, he imagined the exhilaration and adrenaline that one employed as they ran to avoid being it. He vicariously lived an ordinary childhood from this filthy cellar window. When the children would go home, and the day concluded, he would return to the shadows.

As they took off, and said their goodbyes, the boy peeled away exhausted. He felt like he had been among them, playing. His muscles had ghost aches which added a sense of reality.

“Damn, when Corey was running from Becky and turned that corner and almost collided with Bobby. I thought they would be bopping their heads for sure. Earlier, when playing pirates, I could have sworn the evil pirate king, Peg Leg Bill, would have the last laugh. Boy, do I feel stupid. I should have known Captain Peterson would crush him. He walked the plank and those sharks had one hell of a meal.” He shook his head amused as he crossed the cold stone floor. He stopped at the mirror; the quicksilver glass was there to always remind him of what he was; a monster.

He looked into this mirror every day and hoped one of these times he’d see a normal boy; every day was another disappointment. His skin was still semi-transparent. It looked like a sick, hazy mix that served as a window to his insides. He looked like one of those pictures in a biology book, the one which showed where all the organs were located. His eyes were round and could be seen even when his lids were closed. He saw his heart beating against white ribs and the muscles that surrounded it. He saw his lungs swell and deflate…all evidence of life. But was this?

His mother told him that the world wouldn’t understand. Society was enslaved to ignorance and prejudice she had told him. They would call him a monster and try to hurt or kill him she said. “They will bash you with sticks and burn you alive. I’ve seen them do it because some people have black skin, imagine what they’d do to a boy with no skin color.” That is what she said; however he just didn’t see it.

These kids outside seemed nice. Their play was sincere, and he couldn’t see any sense of hatred in them. They weren’t the malicious individuals his mother made them out to be. They were loving life and took full advantage of it. They were human, just like him.

He believed mother was wrong, but mother’s law ruled. She was second only to God. She said that to him one night when he tried to challenge her. She was a strong woman, and her strength became overbearing when his father died. She lived upstairs by herself now and cast him to the basement; two lonely people under the same roof.

Well, he wasn’t totally lonely; there was Rodney.

Rodney was a rat that shared this cellar. He was always close by, and often the nameless child would have long conversations with the rodent. Rodney never participated of course, but he did seem to listen quite well.

“Hey Rodney.” The child called out as the rat trotted across the filthy cement floor. It stopped and looked up at the child. “Yeah, I have been looking out that window again. What’s it to you? You’re still my pal.”

The boy collapsed onto his dad’s old army cot. His dad had died in Iraq. His mother had told him Iraq was full of treacherous, godless monsters who loved killing innocent Americans. What made them a monster was something mom called Islam. She once called it a religion of whores. For weeks the boy was confused, trying to figure out what a whore was. He held his ear to the vents to hear the television upstairs. After hearing the word a few more times he figured a whore is a woman no one likes.

How could a religion be a woman that no one likes?

“I know Rodney. It’s torture. I just don’t believe mom. I don’t think she’s right. The kids; they’re all around the same age as me, eight years or so. They have fun and I don’t think it’s fair that mom won’t let me outside.”

Rodney just stared at him.

He heard the cellar doorknob turning. It was his mother. Was it feeding time already? Quickly he turned to Rodney and with his hands made a shooing motion.

“Get going Rodney, mom will try to kill you for sure.”

The little rodent trotted off back into the darkness and just in time. Suddenly the dank and dark domain of this child was invaded with the artificial light from a normal world, a world alien to him. Cast in the doorway was the silhouette of his mother.

She made her way down the stairs. Each step she took made the old wooden steps moan and creak. When she reached the bottom, she dropped a plastic bag on the ground. Although she was only thirty years old, she looked ancient. Her short blond hair brushed behind her ears. Her thin frame was beginning to puff up; the years had been cruel to her.

“I left you a sandwich and an apple.” Her attention was quickly stolen by the cellar window. The condensation had been recently wiped off. Her face began to squish up as the anger flushed her pale features red. “You little fucking bastard, I told you to leave this goddamn window alone.”

“I’m not doing anything wrong, just looking out.”

“I don’t like it, no not at all. People could see you and they’d burn this house down. They wouldn’t understand, no they wouldn’t. You’re jeopardizing both of our lives.” She ran over to it and quickly covered the window with the sheet she hung from a nail. As she dressed it up to conceal it better, she froze. Suddenly her anger was re-directed. “My god, these are rat droppings. Child, we got rats down here?”

“No, just one and he’s not dirty; he’s a friend.”

“You truly are a curse boy. Satan put rats on this earth to disease god’s people. Now know this, I will have this window boarded up tomorrow and I am baiting the place for rodents.” The boy felt his world collapsing. His heart sped up as he felt ill.

“Mama, please don’t do this. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Your birth was wrong.” With this she stormed up the stairs and slammed the door behind her. The boy heard as the locks engaged. He scampered around looking for Rodney.

“Rodney, we need to get you out of here. My mother is going to kill you.” The little rodent came running out from behind some old boxes and stopped at the boy’s feet. The child began to tear up. “I don’t want you to go but if you don’t leave my mom will kill you.”

The rat stared at the child.


The rat turned its head slightly.

“Rodney, that…that’s murder.”

The rat continued its hard stare.

“But if I kill her, I’ll go to prison. I want to play with the other boys not go to jail.”

The rat’s tail dropped a little.

“I don’t know.”

The rat looked down.

“Ok then Rodney. I love you and want nothing to ever happen to you. I’ll do anything for you.”

The next day the child was impatient. He couldn’t sleep the night before, dreaming of being in the world with normal kids. He looked in the mirror and tried to convince himself that they wouldn’t be afraid. He saw his blood flowing throughout his body in a network of veins. He watched his muscles twitch and strain as he lifted his arm. He closed his eyes, yet still he saw through the lids. He wasn’t a monster like his mother had said, he was a human with an unfortunate disease.

The world would understand.

He replayed Rodney’s plan through his head. It was a good plan, and he knew it would work well. Rodney told him to tell the police about the lifetime of abuse, of imprisonment. Rodney told him that no right-minded person on this earth would put an abused child in prison.

The locks on the door began to disengage. The time was now. He needed to get his nerves up; needed to get himself ready to pounce. She came down the stairs holding some plywood and a hammer. She intended on destroying his only connection to the world. The miserable little bitch brushed past him, her long blue dress touching his arm briefly. The whore didn’t even acknowledge him. Her dopey eyed glance proved this task she was set out to do was a burden, a wrinkle in her day. Wasn’t he the wrinkle in her life? As she put the hammer and wood down, he felt his hatred overwhelm him.

She was the reason he wasn’t normal.

She was the reason he had no friends.

She was the reason for all this misery.

He wasn’t her burden, she was his.

The bitch was bent down trying to measure the little piece of plywood. The child reached and grabbed the hammer. He held the steel tool in his hand. He raised it above and slammed it down with all his might.

The sound was hollow. It echoed throughout the cellar as the skull cracked from the impact. She let out a muttering attempt to yell but it was caught in her throat. She spun around on the ground as she spit blood out her mouth; the impact forced her to bite her tongue. Her eyes were wide open as she pushed herself into a corner, trying to get away from the child.

“What have you done?”

“I want to be free mama; I want to be with the other kids.” He responded confused.

“They’ll kill you. Don’t you realize this? I have been among them; I know how they can be.”

“I don’t believe you. You hate me.”

“Oh dear, I tried so hard to protect you that I made you despise me. I am not your enemy, they are. I’m your mother and you’re my son.”

Suddenly he felt bad as he watched the tears coming down his mother’s cheek. Was it true after all? Was she just trying to protect him? He had to admit, the situation was a little bizarre, but that didn’t render it untrue. He felt uneasy, looking into the eyes of his frightened mother.

Just then, Rodney came out from the shadows. He stopped and looked at the child.

“No Rodney, it was a misunderstanding.”

The rat just stared.

“No, she won’t kill you, isn’t that right mama?”

“No, I won’t kill your friend.” She played along as she tried desperately not to fall asleep. She knew if she was to fall asleep, she would not be waking up.

“You see Rodney.”

The rat looked up and its tail shifted left.

“She’s just pretending?”

“No honey, I’m not pretending.”

“She wants me to let my guard down so she can attack me?”

“Please don’t do this, I love you.”

“She plans on overpowering me and taking the hammer?”

“Please, oh god I’m sorry.”

“She’s planning to bash my head in, bury me and pretend I never existed?”

“Please I beg you son, don’t do this.”

“I guess it wouldn’t be hard to hide the truth that she killed me, no one knows I exist.”

“It’s just a fucking rat, it’s not talking. You just need help. You need help. That rat doesn’t talk, your mind just isn’t right. I can help you though, just put the hammer down.”

“No, I think Rodney is right.” Again he raised the hammer and smashed it down four times with all his might directly in the center of her face. She screamed for the first two blows, but after that all one could hear was the child’s grunts, the sound of shattering bone and the squishing of bloody meat and sinew. When the child pulled back, he saw the face of a monster was now nothing more than hamburger meat.

The child dropped the hammer to his feet. He stumbled back a little, shocked. He turned and saw Rodney just staring at him. His little black beady eyes, his long nose, his pink tail; Rodney was pleased.

“I did it. I killed her.” He suddenly felt an overwhelming joy, a sense of freedom. He laughed as he realized it was finally over. He could finally be a normal kid.

Outside he heard them; the voices of his soon to be best friends.

“I’m going.”

The rat just stared.

“What do you mean? My mom was wrong. They will like me. I know it.”

Rodney turned and quickly scurried off into the shadows.

“Don’t be jealous Rodney. You’re my best friend; you know that. I’ll be back later. I’ll tell you all about it.”

The boy opened the front door cautiously. He wore a pair of shorts and a t shirt he found in his mother’s closet. They were a little big, but they would do. Clothes were not the biggest concern of his; his anxiety was. He was excited, yet frightened. He’d never been outside before. The whole experience made him nervous. The boy took a deep breath and stepped out into the sunshine.

He walked down the front steps and out into the yard. Fear and excitement overwhelmed him, his heart was beating violently against his chest. Only a few feet away were the children he had been watching his whole life; the children he dreamed of playing with. He didn’t care what mother said, nor did he care what Rodney said. He was going over to them.

They gawked at him in a state of awe. One of the girls, Rachel, look terrified; however the rest looked with curiosity. They looked at the boy’s skin; saw his muscles and organs. They saw the bones and veins, the pumping blood. The whole thing was surreal to them, but for the boy it was even more so. Years in a basement and finally he was free.

“Why do you look like that?” Cory asked. The boy was prepared to answer these questions. It would be foolish to imagine that they wouldn’t ask about his condition.

“It is a disorder. I was born this way.”

“Are you a monster?” Becky asked. The boy from the basement frowned as he shook his head.

“No, I killed the monster.”

“What’s your name?” Bobby asked. His name: he hadn’t been given one. His mother would refer to him as the mistake, a monster and a product of her sins; none of these were his name, however.

“I was never given one, but I do like the name Jared.” As he spoke the name, he a strong attachment to it.

A real name for a real boy.

“Ok then, we’ll call you Jared.” Bobby responded. “Give us one second Jared.”

The group huddled. Jared heard hush arguing among the group. His head was full of games they were about to play. He was so excited he thought his heart would explode. Finally, the group turned back to him, and Cory stepped forward.

“Well, you are welcome to play with us Jared. We are heading over to the gravel pits to play hide and seek; wanna join?”

Jared felt tears in his eyes. His smile was impossible to hide. He felt something he never truly felt before…joy.


They crossed through the woods near the creek. They followed the stream a little while. Occasionally Becky or Rachel would look back at him with whispers. They were still afraid. He didn’t mind. He knew that by the end of the day they would all be best friends.

Once the trees broke, he saw what the kids referred to as the gravel pits. This was a place where massive piles of stone lay. They stretched taller than a house. There must have been a dozen of these little mountains. The group stopped in front of one mountain and Cory turned to Jared.

“Ok do you know how to play hide and go seek?”

“Of course, I watched you play from the basement.”

“What?” Becky asked, alarmed. “Monsters live in a basement.”

“Shut up Becky.” Cory yelled. He turned to Jared and smiled. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Well, we will start with you being it since you are new to our group. We will hide. Give us until the count of ten before you come looking.”

Jared eagerly nodded his head and quickly covered his eyes. The children scattered while he counted.

“Three, two, one; ready or not here I come!” He yelled. He quickly darted around a corner but saw nobody. He listened. He didn’t hear anyone moving, nor talking. This was going to be difficult. He continued and jumped out around another mountain of stone; nothing. “You guys are good.”

He continued down the rows and searched. Finally, he heard a hush whisper. He turned his head and zoned in. It was coming behind one of the piles. He slowly and quietly made his way around the bend and was shocked to find all six of them.

“Wow, this wasn’t a very smart move. I found you all.” He laughed. “You don’t have to go easy on me because it’s my first time you know.”

“Shut up monster!” Cory yelled. Jared looked at him confused.

“What’s going on?”

“We know what you are. You live in a basement and watch us. You plan on killing us and eating our skin.” All the kids stared at Jared. They didn’t look happy. These were not the faces he fell in love with.

“No, seriously I am a boy.” He pleaded. “I’m not a monster. I promise.”

“No boy I ever seen. Looks like a freak!” Rachel yelled. The others agreed as they began to hurl obscenities.

“Cory, Bobby; please believe me.” Jared dropped to his knees as he begged.

“Dude, you didn’t even have a damn name.” Bobby responded. “You are totally a monster.”

“And your terror ends here monster.” The kids all bent down and each one picked up a big rock. Cory looked at his rock as a sadistic smile crossed his face. “I wonder if your blood will be green or black.”

“Please, don’t do this. I am a kid, a boy. I’m not a monster.” Jared sobbed. His tears ran down his cheek as he fell to his knees. He shook his head in disbelief. “Please. Don’t do this…”

A rock struck him in the face. His nose exploded. Cory stepped forward, laughing at the confused monster.

“This monster bleeds red.” He pointed.

“Maybe he isn’t a monster.” Becky called out. “What if we’re wrong?”

“I’m not a monster. Ask Rodney.” He yelled as he cupped his nose, trying to stop the blood.

“Who’s Rodney?” Cory asked.

“My friend, he’s a rat in my house. I’ll bring you to him.”

“It’s a trick. He wants us to go to his house so he can throw us in an oven. Die monster!” Bobby hollered as he threw his rock. It hit Jared in his arm, and he hollered out in agony.

“Please…don’t do this.”

Each child raised a rock in their hand and circled the child. The monster pleaded for his life. They imagined all the people he must have killed over the years. They wondered if the kids who they heard went missing wound up in his basement, their bones littering the stone floor. They knew they couldn’t let this monster live.

They began throwing the ammunition with all their might. Jared wept and shrieked as each rock struck. The kids continued to hurl the stones until he was still. Cory raised his hand to stop the assault and listened. He heard no more cries, no more begging; he knew the thing from the basement was dead. He turned to his friends and grinned.

“He’s dead. Let’s go back to my place and play pirates now.”

Rotting Erotica

“Valdese Accounting, how may I assist you?” He answered the phone in his bogus, pitiful work voice. He detested the voice. This was the voice of an ass kisser. There was no better way to acknowledge defeat and at the same time totally empower those listening on the other end. It was bubbly and pleasing to hear…not to him though. To speak like this made him want to run to the nearest window and swan dive out onto the pavement below; splatter his stupid fucking head all over the street below.

 “Yeah, I got this bill in the mail from the Caldwell Community Hospital. The bill here states I owe one thousand and twenty-three dollars. My question is, are you out of your fucking mind?”

 This is what his life had boiled down to. All honors in high school, no criminal record, and a college degree to top it off; and now this was his life. Every day he woke up from a restless sleep, drank cheap instant coffee and swallowed empty calories. He then drove from Hickory, a place which kind of resembled modern existence (at least there was a Starbucks) and made his way to the little shit hole called Valdese. This town was the spunk from a redneck’s cock that dripped down when he pulled it out of his sheep’s ass. This was a hick haven and he constantly had to deal with their verbal, unintelligent, assaults.

 “Let me look into this sir.” He typed into the computer data base. “It looks here that you were treated for a laceration of the left thumb.”

 “You guys gave me a shot and a Band-Aid. How the fuck does that cost one thousand and twenty-three dollars? How about I lacerate your throat?”

And this would go on back and forth. This was his lot in life, he was a whipping post. He was a bitch boy. Scott Blakey wasn’t a collector of debts; he was an outlet for the community.

Does your life suck and you need someone to yell at? Then call none other than Scott Blakey.  Call now and for a limited time you can unleash a verbal assault. The smaller you make him feel, the bigger you feel. Call today before this limited time offer expires and Mr. Blakey takes his 9mm pistol and blows his fucking brains out!

It was all a waiting game until five o’clock. Once five came he would punch out and make his way to his 1993 piece of shit Honda Accord. He would sit inside and grip the steering wheel. The plastic smiles would prance past him to continue on with their soulless existence in a plastic American society. He would act the part and wave. He fucking hated his coworkers but it was ok he would tell himself…he was off to see Kappy.

Kappy was a smut peddler. He wasn’t just a smut peddler; he was the fucking messiah of it. He operated right next to a Baptist church. The whole arrangement was poetic and beautiful. Redemption was sold right next to the wildest pornography in the world. Come pray to Jesus and on your way home pick up this month’s issue of “Teen Twats”.

Looking for tranny midgets with giant cocks…Kappy has it!

Fat woman, femdom, and face sitters…Kappy has it!

Crack whores sucking off for a rock…Kappy has it!

He has it all; from bestiality to pedophilia, to necrophilia mags, scat reels and genital torture flicks. If Kappy don’t sell it, than it isn’t worth a shit.

Have you ever seen a woman’s labia nailed to a wood board? How about shit covered midgets blowing loads in the face of an eighty year old woman?  Ever see a crack whore swallow a gallon of Donkey cum. No? Well go see Kappy, because he has it.

He had seen it all. Scott has exposed himself to every depraved sexual fetish on earth. Some did it for him, others didn’t, but recently he was running into a problem. It was actually more of a crisis. The thing was, the very fabric which held this perverted little world together was about to tear. The old glory days of excitement were fading. He didn’t feel the spark from looking at the forbidden worlds anymore. He was losing the thrill. It was beginning to resemble his job…routine.

The thrill is all he had. Without the thrill he would lose his mind to the boring world of the mundane.

He…needed more. If Kappy couldn’t help he knew he was done for.

The store was hidden, accessed by a side entrance beneath an old antique store. Within the low light atmosphere there were rows of the stuff that would make the average Joe vomit. Sketchy people of all kinds browsed here. He saw sex offenders, construction workers, doctors, dentists and even priests. There was an unwritten rule at these kinds of places; no one talks. To tell non porn addicts of another man’s addiction would ban you from the porn underground. This was punishment enough, because your average porn addict can only find so many places to get his DVD copies of corpse porn.

Kappy was a fat, greasy old Jew stereotype. Years ago, when the cocaine got him in trouble, he found his way from Yonkers to North Carolina. He decided to set up shop and found that there was so much demand in the south that he had no need to return to New York.

 “Scotty my brother, how have you been?” He asked. Kappy was the Santa Clause of the porn underground

 “Got off work…could use something new.”

 “Well I got a nice 8mm reel of a local girl getting gang raped by farm boys.”

 “Eh…looking for something new.”

 “I get it; the rape porn is no longer fresh. What you need is a new avenue to explore. Are you interested in kids? I got a couple magazines of little girls and boys. Soul kissing and, eh, you know what else. If that’s too young I got the tween thing too. Not quite kids but no quite teens.”

 “Na, I never got into pedophilia. It makes me sick to be honest.” This obviously offended Kappy who shot a warning look at Scott.

 “Says the man who watches rape fantasy; to each their own I suppose. Well I got a fresh new necrophilia reel, but it is in 16mm.” He looks down as he thinks. Suddenly he shoots up with excitement. “Oh I got a great VHS tape of a woman getting fucked by a monkey of some sort. You got to see the dick on this thing, real sick shit. I bet he tore that bitch all up.”

 “Na…I think I exhausted all my options Kappy. I think I explored all the porn I can. I think the time has come to move on; find the next big thing.” Kappy looked disappointingly at his loyal customer, but he understood his pain. It happened to him once or twice.

 “No, don’t say that. I’m sure good old Kappy can dig something up. Wait a minute.” His eyes widened as he rushed to a box in the rear of the swap. Scott followed him, feeling his curiosity grow, but he didn’t have much hope. “It’s in here. I know it; here!”

Scott pulled a leather book from the box. It was red; ancient and filthy looking. Scott couldn’t even understand how this book hadn’t disintegrated in Kappy’s hand. He held it up to his mouth and blew off the thin layer of grime. On the front cover was a weird symbol made up of lines and arrows.

 “What the fuck is this? I’m not into erotica; sex novels don’t do it for me.”

 “This isn’t erotica, its rotting erotica. This is a foul work of art dating back to 1430’s…or some shit. Some magician wrote it. It is a grimoire for sexual gratification.”

 “Sex magic? You got to be kidding me. You don’t even know who wrote it.”

 “Listen man, I’m a porn dealer not an occultists.” Kappy leaned in as his eyes wandered to ensure no one was eavesdropping. “This is some serious shit. I’m not lying to you.”

 “What the fuck is it?”

 “Have you ever heard of Popo Bawa?”

 “No, what the fuck is that? Sounds like a cartoon character.”

 “Hardly; he’s a Swahili demon known for his sexual assault. He was known for sodomizing both men and woman. Popo Bawa is a sex demon and this book speaks of another sex demon; a female known simply as Oza. She is the beautiful rotting whore. She comes to you and will fuck you, reinvent what you define as sex. This, my longtime friend, is the pinnacle. Do not give up on porn without trying this first.”

 “Are you serious? Listen man I don’t believe in that shit. If you don’t have some good fuck films or spank mags to offer I guess I’ll just get going.”

 “I am telling you from experience Scott.” Kappy reached out his chubby little hand and grasped Scott by the arm. His eyes were wild as he looked at him hard. “I have done the ritual.”

 “You’ve done it?” He asked, trying desperately not to roll his eyes.

 “I’m inviting you to join me during the ritual. If nothing happens you can write me off as insane…but if I’m right?”

 “If you’re right I’ll fuck a demon?”

 “Man, I know it’s some crazy shit to swallow; seeing is believing.” He had to admit, Kappy was a salesman and he talked him up.

 “Ok, let’s fuck a demon. What do I need to bring? Lubricant, lingerie, dildos; help me out here man I never fucked fire pussy.”

 “Listen to you, ya fuck. Here I am trying to help and all you can do is be a smart ass. What we need is a woman. Anyone will do.” A woman; he sensed a scam.

 “I’m telling you man, this better not be some cheap role playing bullshit.”

 “It’s not man. Just be here tomorrow at six; and bring a bitch!”


That night Scott’s head was full of confusion. Was Kappy insane? How sane do you have to be to get into the smut business in the first place? But this was just out of this world. Still…he couldn’t deny the excitement he was beginning to feel.

That night he didn’t sleep a wink, instead he just stayed up all night wondering what sex with a demon would be like.


 “Valdese Accounting, how may I help you?” The man on the other end was yelling about money and bills and a free county. He called Scott a fagot, a fuck head, an asshole; but Scott didn’t hear him.

 “Ok sir, call again anytime.” He was distracted. He thought about his meeting tonight.

 “Scott are you ok?” It was Brenda. She was the office rat, some little nympho bitch every swinging dick in the building has broken open at least once. She was attractive in a weird way; a thin and pale little sex twig. Who was he kidding, not a soul would look at her if she wasn’t so good in bed. Just then he remembered Kappy. He needed a woman.

 “I’m fine now that you’re here.” He said. She smiled at him flirtatiously. This was going to be easy. “Listen I got this party I’m going to after work. I’ll be meeting at a friend’s house beforehand; would you be interested?”

 “Yeah, I got nothing to do tonight, why not?” This was too easy.

 “Great, pick you up at five thirty.”


Scott pulled into Kappy’s driveway. Kappy was already outside waiting for them. He helped Brenda out of the car. She was wearing a long, flowing red dress and her hair was done up.

 “Holy shit, get a load of you gorgeous, where you two headed?”

 “I thought we were going to a party.” Brenda stated as she quickly shot a look back at Scott.

 “Oh, I’m just fucking with you, of course. I need to get dressed up still. You two feel free to come in and wait.” Kappy quickly recovered. He led the two of them to the basement level where all the pornography rows are. They continued on to a door that led to a second level of the basement he didn’t know existed. It was dark and no sooner did Kappy turn on the light did he see it was a ritual bedroom of sorts.

The floor was hardwood. In the center of the room was a bed with chains fastened to the bed posts. To the far corner of the room was an altar with the book Kappy had showed him earlier. Immediately Brenda shook her head.

 “Listen Scott, I wish you had been just straight up with me. I normally wouldn’t mind fucking you and your friend but I’m on my goddamn period. I thought we were going to a party.”

 “Calm down Brenda. It’s ok, trust me.” Scott said as Kappy locked a deadbolt. Scott looked up at him alarmed. “What the fuck are you doing Kap?”

 “It is about to begin. Miss, please lay down on the bed.”

 “I just said that…”Kappy slapped her hard across the face. She stumbled back and was lost in a mix of pain and excitement. She took a second to catch her breath and closed her eyes. “Ok, you woke me up. Tell your friend I like it rough but take it down a notch, almost chipped a goddamn tooth.”

 “Shut the fuck up bitch and take your goddamn clothes off.” Kappy demanded. Again the jolt of excitement ran through her body and she felt per panties getting moist. Scott looked on with confusion and terror. Was Kappy really this insane?

 “Yes master.” With a seductive smile she made her way to the bed. Once at the edge she slid the red dress down her body.Now she was wearing nothing but a black bra and panties. She slid the panties down her long legs before unhinging her bra. She turned toward the men and smiled. “Are you going to chain me up master?”

 “Yes. Lay down.”

 “Kappy, what the fuck’s going on?” Scott was getting impatient.

 “Scott, don’t break character. If you’re going to have this attitude you can meet us upstairs and wait for us to get done playing.”

Kappy made his way over to the woman and began securing the restraints. Scott shook his head in disappointment. This seemed to all be a ploy so Kappy could get off on some weird fetish. There was nothing here for him. He wanted to go.

“The ritual begins.” Kappy said as he walked toward the table with the book. Brenda put up a little struggle as she played along.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I promise to do anything you want master.”

 “By Samigina, by Vassago and to the endless chaos of Sitra Ahra shall I venture. Let my voice transcend the barrier; let my desires no longer be denied. Dark lord, oh he who dwells in the Gallery. By the anti-cosmic gods I call thee forth, oh beautiful demon. I call you Oza, and offer this sacrifice.”

“Sacrifice, Oh come on Kappy this is getting a little ridiculous now.” Brenda said as she rolled her eyes.

“By fire, by blood, I offer this woman to you oh great demon. Oza, materialize in the flesh from the realm of spirits. I demand you stand before me and take this sacrifice!” Kappy let this last word ring out. For a second nothing happened. Scott shook his head and Brenda laughed.

“So where the fuck is this demon?” No sooner had she finished her sentence the lights began to flicker. Brenda laughed even harder. “Nice theatrics Kappy.”

 In the far corner of the chamber the candles suddenly lit all at once. The flames were normal at first but quickly turned to a deep blue color. The temperature of the room dropped so rapidly Scott could now see his breath.

 “Seriously guys, occult fetishism is so 1970’s.” She teased. Scott couldn’t talk. He watched as a thin layer of frost suddenly crystallized over the ceiling and walls. This obviously got Brenda’s attention as well. “Ok Kappy. How the fuck did you do that?”

 “What’s happening?” Scot finally managed to get out.

“She’s here.” He replied with a smile.

“Fuck this shit, let me go!” Brenda shrieked as terror set in. Desperately she struggled. This was no longer the playful tugging of the chains, but a desperate attempt toward self-preservation. Scott watched as her face twisted and she cried out; then he saw why she was acting like this.

The demon’s face was a patchwork of blue, rotting flesh. Her eyes sat in their sockets like mounds of jelly surrounded by maggots. Her lower jaw was missing so much meat that all one could see was a bone. Her teeth glistened through the holes in her cheeks. Her hair hung in long black strands and ran down her nude, decaying body. Her breasts were ample, veiny and blue. A massive hole in her abdomen revealed her decomposed organs, which were blackened and oozing a viscous green fluid. Like a wild animal she snapped at the air with her teeth as her thin, skeletal corpse body drunkenly walked closer to Brenda.

 “What the fuck is that? Get that thing away from me. Scott please let me free.” Brenda cried out as she screamed on the top of her lungs. “Oh Lord Jesus Christ; please save me.”

 “My whore.” The beast screamed in a voice which sounded dreadful; full of distortion. Oza jumped up onto the bed and now straddled the screaming nude girl. She cried out and begged to be let free.  “Don’t cry little slut. This won’t take long.”

The demon bent down at a squat as if attempting to urinate. The demon screamed as she struggled to push. She looked like a rotting corpse trying to give birth. Suddenly a fang slid out of her vagina. The nail continued to slide out from her rotting slit. Six inches and then what followed was the pink colored earthworm looking tentacle it was connected to.  It fell out and rose above her head as a sort of vaginal tail. Suddenly the fang split in half, revealing a mouth full of teeth. The vaginal tentacle screamed as it suddenly darted into Brenda’s vagina.

Brenda immediately ceased all movement and became stiff. The tentacle slid deeper into her body. Brenda began to moan. To Scott it sounded like she was getting off.

“That’s right my little whore.” The monster hissed. Blood began to spill from Brenda’s mouth. Oza salivated as she continued to jam the tentacle deeper into her sacrifice. There was a sucking sound, like a vacuum cleaner. Brenda’s body began to convulse as blood gushed from her mouth like a busted water pipe.

Brenda’s body began to deteriorate. Her face rotted away. Sinew and bone were now visible She continued to convulse. Every vein in her body blackened with death as her organs burst within her, almost like a bag of popcorn in a microwave. Oza laughed as the vaginal feeding tube sucked the life from Brenda’s body until all that was left was a lifeless skeleton.

The lights cut out.

Scott began to panic. There were what sounded like quick movements within the blackness, like a wild animal running free within the chamber. The contents of the altar fell over. There was the sound of heavy breathing and a heartbeat. Suddenly he heard Kappy screaming.

“No! Please don’t do this, please don’t…” His voice was cut short and all Scott could hear was gargling. He slowly walked backwards, trying to feel for the door. He needed to get out of here. Then he felt the breathing on the back of his neck.

It was warm and with it came an enchanting fragrance. Scott felt two hands run up and down his chest as they rubbed his abs. He felt a tongue running down his neck. He was terrified, but turned on.

Again he heard the sound of an animal smashing through the room and then there was a light. All around him was empty night. He was no longer on earth. There was no ceiling, no walls, and no floor. He was suspended in darkness completely naked. Standing before him was the most gorgeous sight he had ever laid his eyes upon.

Her face was human although her eyes were significantly larger than normal; resembling cartoon aliens from the fifties. Her small nose and thick lips sat on a perfect complexion of tanned skin. Her hair flowed like a black river down her body. From the sides of her head grew two massive red horns.

Her breasts were large and had the same flawless complexion as he face. Her thin, well-toned athletic body continued on until the hips. Here in her pelvic region was her trimmed pussy, which throbbed with moisture. Behind her hung a segmented tail the color of her flesh. The meaty thighs carried on to the hock. Below this was a bony shin that ended in a hoof.

She was flawless.

She leaned in and ran her forked tongue along his earlobe. Her hands ran up his naked body and across his pectoral muscles and over his shoulders. She draped her arms around his neck, pulling Scott’s face closer as she whispered into his ear. “You bring me a life and I redefine what you call pleasure.”

Suddenly Scott was lying down as Oza jumped up on top of him.


After what seemed like days Scott was back in the basement. The demon was gone. On the bed was the skeleton of Brenda and across the room, by the altar, was the skeleton of Kappy. Scott walked over to him and smiled.

“Well old friend, you were right. You made a believer out of me.” Scott leaned down and took the red book from Kappy’s skeletal hand. He looked down at his watch. It was 6:01. He had only been gone for one minute.

He got dressed and made his way back to his car. As he pulled onto the main street he felt a new confidence he never felt before. It was a happiness that he thought was impossible to achieve. He found a new addiction. Now he was off to satisfy his craving.

He needed another woman.


Mortuary Child

“Listen, man, I’m seriously not calling you a loser”. Ted was devouring a beefy burrito supreme while Steve drained the blood from the corpse lying on a stainless steel table. “It’s just that you haven’t been laid since Kelly. That was over a year ago.”

The corpse was that of Mary Lynn Boyle. Both men had gone to high school with her. She was once a vibrant, beautiful woman. Now she was a dead body in a funeral home, the result of a heroin overdose. Steve used to dream of fucking her, back when they were teens, but that was twelve years ago.

“You are calling me a loser” Steve pressed a button and now embalming fluid was being pumped into Mary Lynn. “Its not like I haven’t tried.”

“Tried?” Ted placed his burrito on the table next to the corpse, laughing. “It was like a week ago that I tried to set you up with Corrine. That bitch wanted the dick and somehow you fucked that up. I swear, you’re avoiding pussy on purpose.”

“We cant all be the great pussy hound that is Ted Sullivan.”

“You know what you need?” Ted stood up and peered down at the naked cadaver’s perky tits. “You need a girl like Mary Lynn.”

“She was out of my league back then. She wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

“She cant say no now.” Ted shot Steve a disturbing smile.

“You got to be kidding me. Even with your horny ass brain I wouldn’t fuck a dead body.”

“Hear me out.” Ted cleared his throat as if he was preparing to address the United Nations. “If you fuck Mary Lynn then you will have your confidence back.”

“Oh yeah. Fucking a corpse really is a confidence booster.”

“You know what man, Mary Lynn was too good for you then and she’s too good for you now.” Ted cupped a hand over the cadaver’s bare breast. Steve slapped it away. Ted gave an exaggerated frown. “She don’t mind. Ask her? Do you mind if Stevie fucks your pussy?” Ted then switched to a high pitch voice, mimicking Mary Lynn. “No, go ahead and give me the D.”

“You’re stupid. Why do I put up with you?”

“Because you’re a creepy ass mortician and I’m your only friend.” It was true. The two of them didn’t talk much in high school. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when the two of them bumped into each other at some dive bar in Providence. Ted was a businessman, and he made a lot of money, however his job wasn’t nearly as interesting as Steve’s.

Steve knew early on he wanted to be a mortician. Before high school, when he was about ten, he saw a dead body. He was just like Mary Lynn, a drug overdose. Steve had been playing in the halls of their three family apartment building. The young boy was running up the stairs when he saw Justin’s door open.

Steve’s mom didn’t like Justin. She told the child to stay away from that “pederast”. Apparently, he did some time for child molestation. Steve knew what molestation was at that age, and he did fear the odd man in the apartment above them. But his door was open and Steve was a curious child.

The TV was blaring. He could never remember what show was on but he remembers the theme song’s melody. He hummed it often, even now. It was burnt into his brain, just like the glass eyed corpse that once was Justin.

There was a needle sticking out of the man’s arm. He was still, completely motionless. His chest did not rise and fall. He was starring at the boy yet he could not see him. This would normally scar a child for life, but not Steve. No, he developed a weird fascination with death. It was a year later that he decided to become a mortician.

The schooling was hard, and his apprenticeship nearly killed him. He was scrapping by, working “Federal Hill Pizza”. When he wasn’t delivering pies to the guineas that lived in the area, he was putting in work at Dempsey’s Funeral Home. Of course, he wasn’t paid for his work. It was an apprenticeship. It took nearly two years before Adam Durant, the owner of the funeral home, offered him a paid position.

That was the year that he met Kelly. She was a nurse at Rhode Island Hospital’s ER. The two were set up by a woman that worked in accounting at the funeral home. Steve was a thin, awkward little man but he did have a charm to him, and Kelly saw it. The two dated for three years. They were planning to get an apartment together off of Thayer Street when Steve found out Kelly was cheating on him. How did he find out? She gave him syphilis. Since then Steve’s love life was non existent.

“Listen man, I’m heading over to the Tam if you want to meet up later.” Ted said as he put his jacket on.

“That place is a dive. Why do you like that shithole so much?”

“The drinks are cheap, there’s bar pizza, and the women there have shattered egos and trying to get railed by a good looking guy, much like myself.”

“You’re a fucking character. A male stereotype, but a character.”

“Whatever man. Tonight, after you’re done with Mary Lynn here, meet me at the bar. Tonight your creepy mortician ass is getting laid.” Ted had the back door open, and a chill winter breeze blew into the already cold room. “Please, for the love of God, if you meet a chick tonight don’t bring up you’re creepy ass job. It dries the ladies up real quick.”

“Whatever man. I’ll be done after a while.” Steve rolled his eyes as he pushed a button on a machine. “I guess I could use a drink afterwards.”

“My man.” With that Ted took off, leaving Steve alone with the corpse.

He stared at the dead woman. She was a sexy woman when she was alive. There was something enticing about her, even as she was now, dead. He always wanted to feel Mary Lynn’s tits. She sat in-front of him in history class. He envisioned her naked and now that he finally got to see her nude he felt something.

Sure, he’d gotten hard on the job, but he would never dream of having sex with one of the bodies. It was weird and unethical. It was also assumed by many that all morticians were necrophiliacs and he didn’t need to perpetuate that stereotype.

But there she was, Mary Lynn, naked. He would have suspected that she shaved her pussy, and he was right. She even had a piercing on the lip. Her eyes were closed. Steve knew he was alone, there was no chance of anyone walking in on him. Maybe he could cop a feel. Ted did, and he was a “normal” guy. So why couldn’t Steve?

“I wanted to fuck you so bad in high school.” Steve pulled off his latex glove and moved closer to the body. Slowly he lowered his hand until the cadaver’s left tit was cupped in Steve’s hand. “Tell me you want me.”

She had the perfect body. It was surprising for a junkie, but the woman was athletic. Although her lips were now blue, they were big and inviting. Steve leaned down, starring at the cadaver’s mouth.

“What’s that? You want me to kiss you?” He usually was professional, calling out his juvenile acting friend for doing creepy shit. Now here he was, leaning down, hovering over the corpse. Gently he kissed her cold lips.

Something came over the man. Suddenly he was horny, more so than usual, and without thinking about it he slid his hand over the curve of the cadaver’s hips, across her pubic area, and without hesitation he slipped a finger into her pussy.

She was dry, and cold, but this did something for him. Only in death could Steve ever dream of touching a woman as hot as Mary Lynn. He took her cold hand and unzipped his pants. Slowly he slid it into his zipper, through the opening of his underwear, and pressed her hand against his cock.

He shuttered with excitement. His knees were weak. His dick was hard and before he knew it he had his pants down around his ankles while stroking it slowly. He used his other hand to touch her left tit. Leaning down he softly sucked on the dead woman’s nipple.

Before he knew it he was on top of Mary Lynn and lubricating his cock with saliva. Then, slowly and gently, he pushed his dick into her cold pussy. Each thrust was one of pure ecstasy. He ran his hand down the cadaver’s curves as the thrusting increased in speed.

Now he was really fucking the body. Ted was right, she couldn’t say no. And who was he harming really? This was a victimless crime. Mary Lynn was no longer in this body. Now the dead meat was his pretty little fuck sleeve.

He came into her with a loud moan before collapsing with exhaustion onto her body. Steve kissed her neck. Sure, he didn’t last long, but she wouldn’t complain. He had nothing to prove to her because she was a dead junkie.

“What the fuck?” the voice of Patrick, the janitor, startled Steve so much that he nearly jumped off the corpse. Naked and ashamed, Steve shook his head at the old man.

“This isn’t what it looks like.”

“Looks to me like you were fucking that dead body. I always suspected you of doing shit like this. Molesting them, I can look past, but you put your cock into her. You’re sick.”

Patrick pulled out his cell phone. Who was he calling? The boss? The cops? It didn’t matter. He could’ve been calling his mother and Steve wouldn’t care. Reaching for the closest object, and running on instinct to keep his secret, he threw the closest object.

Patrick didn’t move. The old man had a shocked expression on his face. Sticking out of his forehead was a bone-saw, the one Steve had thrown at him. Patrick tried to speak, but before he could mutter a word the old man collapsed onto the floor. He was as dead as Mary Lynn. Steve had killed him.

“What the fuck?”

Steve got dressed and immediately grabbed Patrick’s dead body and threw it into a refrigerated unit. He could hide him for tonight, nobody touches the freezers except for him. Tomorrow he’d have to cremate the body when no one was around. For now he cleaned up the blood and put Mary Lynn back into her meat locker.  

Steve went out and met up with Ted. He had just killed a man so acting normal was hard. Somehow he got through the night. Ted went home with some Puerto Rican woman while Steve went home and immediately fell asleep.

The next day Ted, as usual, stopped by the funeral home after he got out of work. Steve had managed to get through the day. He’d glance at the meat locker. Mary Lynn needed to be finished being prepped tonight for her funeral in the morning. Despite this he put it off, and now Ted was there, being a douchebag as usual.

“I mean you didn’t even try, bro.” Ted laughed, sitting in a chair while Steve made his way over to Mary Lynn’s locker. He opened the little door and slid the table out. Ted leaped from his chair, nearly choking on the hot dog he was eating. “Holy fuck!”

Holy fuck was right. Mary Lynn’s stomach had swelled up. Steve, horrified, stepped away from the corpse.

“Bro, she looks pregnant.” Ted yelled. Then it hit him. “You were late last night because you fucked her, didn’t you?”

“Yes, for fuck’s sake, I did.”

“You knocked her up.” Despite how irrational it sounded it appeared that Ted was right. The cadaver did look pregnant.

“It’s gas buid up. It makes her look swollen.” This was a lie but it was more believable then what Ted was proposing. Steve reached for a scalpel and made his way toward her belly. “Once I cut her open the gas will be released.” Or so he hoped.

“Holy fuck, something moved.” Ted was right. Something moved inside of Mary Lynn’s belly.

“It has to be our imagination.”

“No way, we both saw it. Looked like a snake was in this bitch…that or a baby.”

There was a thrashing from one of the meat lockers. It sounded like someone was inside trying to get out. It was the one Steve had put Patrick in. Was he still alive?

Ted ran over to the locker and before Steve could stop him Ted pulled the door open. Immediately, Patrick shot out of the freezer, bone-saw still embedded in his head. The old man overpowered the fit thirty two year old man. Ted worked out daily, he was a gym rat, so how was this wounded seventy year old man overpowering him.

Patrick made animalistic noises. Ted struggled but the old man pinned him to the floor and sunk his teeth into Ted’s neck. Patrick ripped a chunk out of Ted before he could overpower the old man. Bleeding from his neck he and Steve ran across the room, to the office.

Patrick stood up. The janitor looked possessed. This wasn’t the man Ted had killed the night before. The two men watched as Patrick walked over to Mary Lynn’s body. He reached down and ripped open the cadaver’s abdomen.

From within Mary Lynn came a creature. It was the size of a toddler, with black, scaley skin and red eyes. On top of it’s hairless head were two horns. The creature leaped from the corpse and onto the floor. It’s hooves smacked the linoleum and the creature spoke in a soft, child like voice.

“Daddy?” It asked. Patrick ran toward Ted. The old man’s hands ripped through Ted’s chest, breaking ribs. Ted screamed as Patrick opened him up. Steve closed his eyes.

“This isn’t real.” Ted stopped screaming.

Steve kept his eyes closed. There was a loud bang and a few moments later he felt a hand gently touch his shoulder.

“I love you Steve.” It was a woman’s voice. Steve opened his eyes and saw that the hand on his shoulder had belonged to Mary Lynn. The torn open corpse was standing up, looking down lovingly at her lover.

Patrick had torn open Ted’s skull and was scooping out brains. The horned creature stood next to Mary Lynn. The little monster smiled at him.

“You’re going to be a great father.” Mary Lynn leaned down and kissed the horrified man on his quivering lips. “Welcome to your new family.”

A Bad Decision

I was driving around with a friend, Dave looking for people to sell to. At the time 10 mg Percocet was 18 dollars and I got them for 8 and sold them for 16

So we ended up at this young woman’s house because she wanted some. Thinking I’d be right out Dave stayed in the car.

I got this woman on meth. She was only 23 years old, thin with long brown hair. Within 5 minutes we began making out before moving to the bedroom.

Keep in mind I was 36.

She got naked and I did a line off of her butt cheek. The we had sex for like an hour and I half. Then I realized Dave was in the car.

He said he figured I was getting laid and didn’t want to interrupt. That woman ended up hanging out with us for the day getting high.

I am ashamed of this story for so many reasons, but most of all it’s the age difference bothers me. She was 23. I had no business. But drugs change your morals and things that are normally wrong become normal.

Two Inmates

For nearly 8 years I worked at Alexander Correctional located in NC. It’s a close custody facility which means maximum security.

I have seen some horrific shit, and experienced horrific shit while working there. I was on PERT (basically SWAT), gang intelligence, the mental health unit, cell extraction team, hostage negotiator and I even was a certified tactical mantracker. I was all in but then I started to become socially aware.

I was was complacent in my role in the prison industrial complex and the rampant racist in Americas prison system, I just didn’t know.

For a while I stayed because i thought I could be one of the good ones. My liberal views distanced me from others and I wound up doing drugs in the parking lot before my shift.

I want to tell you the story of Ivy and Sam. Ivy went to prison for breaking into a wealthy house in the middle of the night. He got 80 goddamn years

Around the same time Sam, a Vietnam vet, was using drugs and one day killed his pregnant wife with a cinder block. He got 80 years

The reason was clear. Ivy was black and Sam was white. And this happens all the time. Systematic racism and white supremacy does exist and until it fixed I stand by ACAB.

Black Lives Matter

Smoking Meth with a Pregnant woman

It’s no secret that I was a drug addict fire a while. During those stormy periods your standards drop significantly and you tolerate the intolerable.

Tasha was a southern black girl around my age. Bright but not educated. She had a baby with a white supremacist (I know crazy isn’t it) so there were no limits to what she’d do to get high.

Fast forward and she is pregnant, the father is some tweaker. She came over my house and she saw our cat. She was terrified of cats. We started smoking meth and doing lines of Percocet (I know how bad this was but I’m a changed person). The cat began starring at her and she began telling us that the cat was having a telepathic connection with her fetus.

She was convinced that meth wouldn’t hurt the baby and just like her other 3 kids she knew social services was going to take this one too.

A month later we had unprotected sex (drugs cloud judgement) and when we were done she said “this baby is yours.”

Luckily she didn’t get pregnant and I didn’t catch any STD’s. I made a lot of impulsive sexual acts during my drug faze. Hell, one time I had sex and snorted meth off a woman’s ass. She was only 23 and I was 36. Not proud of that one

But meth is a hell of a drug. Your morals are gone, you barely sleep, you hallucinate after being up three days. A tweaker will make disgusting , regrettable decision they would never do sober.

I was lucky. I found my own way out and my partner/best friend make certain that I didn’t relapse.

If you have a loved one on meth remember, that monster is the drugs and your loved one is still there, and with help they can return.


Coming soon will be the book “Hell Birth”. This will contain a large collection of horror and rural noir short stories. It will be available in paperback, Hardcover, and on Kindle. The stories are going through a thorough editing process so I am taking my time with this release. I expect it to release some time after the new year.