Casualties are superfluous Notably when the scandal ends Many commiserated with them Suddenly the exhile is forced further We all realize there is a point of no return these crippled, battered bodies are depleted That’s why their wrists bleed, darling


A trickling valve reverberates As a November chill sneaks about Crushed glass cuts open your bare feet There’s burning from within It transmits from your esophagus And escapes your perjurer’s lips Torn from the abdomen A festering, gaping pit Where worms prosper Where your heart was once set Now is inhabited by the festering AndContinue reading “Blight”


I added another album “The Original Drug Child: The Early Days” album to the Black Lodge Laboratory section along with a brand new single “Submission to the Weaver”. There is also a BLL t-shirt for sale on that page.


I have included a new section of music called Black Lodge Laboratory. I have posted two albums, “Bedlam” which is new and “Goddamn America” which is a 2016 re-issue. Also I have posted a music interview on that page. Enjoy