There’s a new section in the menu section called Lilin Society. This page contains articles, prayers, rituals and more used by the satanic cult the Lilin Society. This was once ran by John Putignano under the name Asha’Shedim

Article About Human Sacrifice that mentions the Lilin Society

The Dark Origins of Human Sacrifice in Society Today Article by Leo Zagami The custom of human sacrifice is evident in a multitude of cultures and regions around the world. Human sacrifice is the act of killing one or more humans, usually as an offering to a deity. Past physical evidence of such evil practiceContinue reading “Article About Human Sacrifice that mentions the Lilin Society”

Consecrating the Sacred Tools

The sacred tools are not to be used before reaching External Adept with the exception of the Sacrificial Obsidian Blade. This item is necessary prior and all sacrifices are done with this blade. These items must be consecrated before one can begin the Initiation rituals and tests. The first tool is the Obsidian Athame. AcquireContinue reading “Consecrating the Sacred Tools”