About The Author

Born in Brockton MA, John Putignano currently lives outside Providence, RI. For twelve years he lived in the foothills of western North Carolina. It was here that he discovered his love of writing in the style of rural noir.

John’s writes many genres to include horror, rural noir, southern gothic, occultism and splatter punk. He’s been published through Martinet Press, Sirius Limited Esoterica, and his own label Entheogenic Lab Publishing.

Under the name Asha’Shedim, John’s written occult/satanism books. He’s also the founder and co-leader of the now defunct worldwide satanic sect, The Lilin Society. John no longer identifies as a satanist, instead he has his own occult beliefs summed up as spirituality.

Besides writing John is also a musician. He’s put out many solo projects to include Fetus Ripper, Black Lodge Laboratory, Ahriman the Desolate, The Carolina Cunts, and the Tryptamine Experience. More recently he records electronic music (brain dance) under his own name.

John has Schizoaffective disorder and PTSD as well as symptoms related to a traumatic brain injury he had in 2015. He struggles with these problems daily but has often stated that his illnesses have played a large part in developing his own unique style.

John is Pansexual and an active member of the queer community. Politically he is a left wing liberal and feminist. John is known for being very outspoken about his politics.

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