The Satanic Points

These are the Satanic Points of the Lilin Society.
1.We believe in the existence of Cosmic Chaos and Cosmic Order.
2.We believe Cosmic Chaos is the infinite origin. 3.We believe Cosmic Order is a finite enslavement.
4.We believe the god of Cosmic Order is a demiurge, a tyrant.
5.We believe in strength and spiritual evolution.
6.We believe our spirit is infinite, thus originates in this Cosmic Chaos, the acausal plane of unmanifested existence.
7.We are practicioners who dedicate our lives and mind to the art.
8.We believe in the unknown god of Chaos. We believe Satan rules Sitra Achra, the adverse of cosmic order. Sitra Achra is not Chaos, but a step toward it.
9.We do not believe in the Christian version of Satan. He was not a fallen angel.
10.We believe life is the illusion and death is the eternity of the soul.
11.We believe in reincarnation but strive to prevent it. We wish to return to Ur-Chaos.
12.We believe in brotherhood. We shall help those within the Society and never turn on a member within the Society. We are bound by spirit, and thus shall aid each other in spiritual matters.
13.We believe in secrecy. We are bound by our oath and shall not discuss secrets with non members.
14.We are Satanists and we believe in blood ritual. Let the prana empower.

  1. We are a society. We do not have priests or masters. The only real statue above member is the Council which serves to screen new members and enhance the Society and it’s direction. No Satanist shall bow before any other Satanists for it puts them in a position of submission. We do not submit.
  2. We believe in acausal energy and that humans are nexions to the acausal realm, this explains sorcery.
    17.We believe in three forms of sorcery; Causal, Acausal and Aeonic.
    18.We believe in human sacrifice through Sorcery and that is the only means of Human Sacrifice.
    19.We believe that all human sacrifices must be chosen, tested and judged and that there death will benefit Satanism. 19
    20.We believe that morals are subjective and Satan is evil. As Satanists we will personify this evil in our daily lives.
    21.We do not reconize the plastic Church of Satan or the Church of Set.
    22.We explore all forms of the dark arts and use what works for us without restriction.
  3. We believe in acausal entities which exist without form and can be known and contacted through darrk sorcery.
    24.We believe in acausal empathy, which is the sensitivity and awareness of acausal energies as they exist in humans.
    25.We believe that we have the ability to participate in and control out own evolution through the acausal.
    26.We believe that esoteric knowledge (gnosis) requires both development of our psychic faculties and practical knowledge of the acausal continuum dereiving from acausal beings.
    27.Satanism is more than a religion, it is a philosophy and a way of life.


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