The Lilin Society Drecc

The purpose of this manuscript is to help people understand the difference between the Dreccs of the Lilin Society and those of O9A. Although there are some similarities there are a great deal of differences that need to be addressed.

Being a niner I fully support the Order of the Nine Angles. They have inspired me greatly
along my path and this shows in my manuscripts within the Lilin Society. I have never denied that I have borrowed from the O9A to build upon my own work, but there is a difference between stealing from and building upon the foundations of many of their works.

Recently I have formed the Order of the Dreccs. The Lilin Society Drecc is different that of the O9A. Here is a part of an MS on Dreccs from O9A. “We are Drecc – those who bring conflict; who vex others; who tempt others; who seek to defy the limits and laws set and imposed by The Mundanes. We are heresy, chaos, disruption, conflict, terror, combat, temptation, and also forbidden pleasures and forbidden joy.”

In the Lilin Society a Drecc is an agent of chaos but his deception is what puts him elite above other Lilin Society members. He lives among the mundane and lives an extended insight role in which he infiltrates the causal abstraction to tear it down from the inside. The Lilin Society Drecc is heresy, chaos, disruption, conflict, terror, combat, temptation, and also forbidden pleasures and forbidden joy; but in secret. He is the sower of Satanic seeds. He is propaganda as he poisons the world of the mundane.
Another part of the same O9A MS states “To us – as it says in our missive, Dark Warriors of The Sinister Way – belong practical sinister, amoral, deeds. For we are sinister. We are amoral. We are
heresy, and outlaws, and
often lurk in the margins
of society, in the
shadows, there between
the light and the dark.
We, of The Drecc, seek
to gather ourselves in
tribes, just as we live,
and we strive to die, by
our own rules, by our own laws, for we have contempt and disdain for all the laws and all the societies, forms and Institutions, of The Mundanes.”

The Lilin Society Drecc also practices amoral, sinister deeds. Being amoral is the core of all real Satanists. What the Lilin Society Drecc is not is an outlaw. He will remain in his insight role until the time comes to shed the disguise. Then, and only then, will he become the outlaw. When the war begins he will emerge from the shadows to fight the Causal Abstractions. He follows the laws of the mundane to keep his deception going. A lot of damage can be done when a wolf slips in among the flock.
“For we are the one who cull, in real life: as a challenge, as a joy; as means of Presencing The Dark, of implementing our personal and our aeonic, dialectic: of Change, Chaos, and evolution.” is another part of the MS of the O9A.

In the Lilin Society the Drecc culls as well. He does it from the shadows. He may use sorcery to do it but since he is elite in the Lilin Society he may take the lone wolf approach and cull using physical ritual sacrifice of a proper sacrificial candidate. He may be a serial killer and if he choses this path it will be the deception which he lives, the mask he wears, that ensures his success in the endeavor.

“We are the ones who seek to challenge ourselves; to change ourselves; to evolve; to transform ourselves into a new type of human being” comes from the same O9A MS.

In the Lilin Society the Drecc has the same goal. The goal is to challenge oneself through extensive insight roles where he becomes a pillar of the community. He will do whatever it takes to deceive the mundane world. He may even belong to a church of Masonic Lodge. Change comes from the inner struggle that comes with the insight role. It is evolution through pain and suffering. The Satanist cannot find joy living as a mundane and this extended role causes great internal struggle. This leads transforming into the new type of being.

“Thus do we – as a sinister kindred, as a sinister collective, as sinister tribes – seek to transgress all the limits set and made by the mundanes and their societies, and thus do we laugh at them, play our sinister games with them, and consider them as our resource, but always ready, willing and able as we are to find those few from among those mundanes who might possess some potential, something of our own sinister nature. Thus will we recruit, train and guide those few who like us dare to defy and who see or who feel the societies of the mudanes for the impersonal tyranny that they are.” This comes from the same O9A MS.
The Lilin Society Drecc plays his sinister games with the mundanes however no one would expect that he is the one playing these games. He uses the mundane to get further into the Causal Abstraction, all the meanwhile studying his surroundings. If he finds a mundane with an inkling of Satanic essence, he will reveal himself and train him to be a Drecc. He will aid in his evolution. If this potential initiate reveals the true identity of the Drecc in any way, the Drecc will exterminate the initiate. He then will relocate and continue to rebuild his deceptive role.

“For our Way, the Way of The Dark Warrior, is the practical way of being tough; of being armed, and trained and prepared to fight, to kill, to defend ourselves, and defend those of our own tribe, our own sinister kindred.” This comes from the same O9A MS.
The Lilin Society Drecc is superior in every way. He must be mentally and spiritually tough in order to maintain the inner conflict of the insight role. He is physically tough. He may know a martial art. He is always armed. He carries a gun with him at all times and has an arsenal in his house. He is proficient with his firearms and has learned many techniques and tactics involved with them. He may have had military experience. He is always devoted to his own sinister kind and will do what he must to defend his brothers and sisters of the Lilin Society.

I encourage all Satanists to seek out the path of the Lilin Society Drecc. Only the strong can walk this path, and the weak will fail. Even if you fail as a Drecc you have lived an insight role that few ever take. It still leads to strength and evolution.
So-do you have what it takes to become a


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