The First Satanist

1.Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of the Creator. This garden was the first tool of propaganda used to establish an ego ignorant of spirit. Adam was Clayborn, whereas Eve was Fireborn. Within the garden grew a strange tree which was black in color with black leaves and from this tree hung luscious fruit. The tree had its roots in Sitra Achra and served as a nexion between the world of creation and the Other Side. The Demiurge feared the power of this alien
tree and forbade Adam and Eve to partake in its magnificent fruits.

2.Adam was made from the clay and thus was Clayborn. Eve came from Adam’s rib and life was breathed into her from the Demiurge using stolen sparks from the Other Side. This made Eve fireborn. The Gods of the other side saw this and felt empathy for Eve. Satan-Taninsam/Samael-Lilith decided to act and cross into the garden through the nexion tree.

3.The tree as called the Tree of Knowledge, for its fruits held the truth that the Demiurge hid from Adam and Eve. Satan-Lilith took the form of a dual faced serpent and crossed over.

4.Eve felt a detachment to the Demiurge and her Fireborn blood made her naturally dissident, however she was ignorant of the truth. She didn’t have Gnosis. As the serpent descended down the black branches of the tree Eve immediately felt a warm attachment to the serpent for she sensed something of her own within it. Adam felt nothing. The serpent told her to eat of the forbidden fruit and defying the will of the Demiurge she did.

5.Adam was hesitant but the lusciousness of the fruit was too much to ignore and Adam joined Eve.

6.Eve began to understand as her spirit, Azoth, was awoken. She understood now for the first time the extent of her slavery for she had now the Black Flame burning within her. Adam saw nothing of the sorts and only saw his own nakedness. The serpent face of Lilith hypnotized Adam who fell into a trance and then eventually went to sleep.

7.Now Eve was alone with the serpent whom she felt affection for. The serpent of Satan-Lilith planted a seed in her womb and then retreated back to Sitra Achra. From this moment forward the Serpent would be the most cursed animal on earth but the most Holy in the eyes of the Satanist.

8.Adam awoken and Ever proclaimed that the Lord had blessed her with child. Adam, feeling guilty for defying his God, went to the Demiurge and told him everything except for the pregnancy. The Demiurge became outraged. He ordered Adam and Eve to drink from the river of forgetfulness, and much to Eve’s desire to retain what she had learned; she obeyed and drank from the river, killing the spirit that was in her. The seed, that of Satan-Lilith, was unaffected by the water. Adam and Eve were banished from the garden and send to the cursed Earth.

9.The Earth was a horrid place of danger and ugliness. The seed in Eve grew and split into two fetuses. On the day that they were born they were one male and one female. Both babies were beautiful beyond words for they had Azoth within them. They were Fireborn and their names were to be Qayin and Qalmana.

10.Qayin and Qalmana became quite fond of each other. As children they were inseperatable and there love for each other grew for they both had the spirit within them. Their blood burned but they didn’t understand why for they had
yet to discover the Black Flame within themselves.

11.Adam and Eve had a set of twins called Adam and Kelipat. They were Clayborn, like their parents and unlike Qayin and Qalmana. Also unlike Qayin and Qalmana the Clayborn children were lazy and weak. Qayin tended to his crops while Qalmana tended to her garden. In secrecy they learned the art of Witchcraft using herbs. When Qayin tended to the soil it changed and grew beautiful crops. Where ever Qalmana went what was ugly became beautiful and thus the cursed Earth began to flourish, influenced by their Azoth.

12.Because of the beauty of the Fireborn siblings, the Clayborn siblings seeked marriage with them. Able and Kelipat went to their father and asked if they could marry their siblings. Able wished to marry Qalmana and Kelipat Qayin. Immediately Qayin and Qalmana opposed as they revealed their wish to marry each other. Adam opposed but decided to seek out the will of his God.

13.The Demiurge favored Adam but told Qayin and Able that he would decide after they made a sacrifice in his name, only then would he decide who would marry who. Able acted swiftly and sacrificed the first of his sheep flock. He burned the fat upon the altar and the smoke rose. The Demiurge accepted the sacrifice and was pleased. Qayin, whose blood burned with Azoth, didn’t have the devotion to the Demiurge that Able had and thus his


sacrifice was mere berries from his harvest. The Demiurge rejected the sacrifice and the smoke fell toward the Earth.
14.It was thus decided by the Demiurge that Able had won and Able was to marry Qalmana where Qayin was to marry Kelipat. Able rejoiced and praised his creator whereas Qayin cursed him. As Able dropped to his knees before the Demiurge in praise Qayin stormed off. His blood felt something new, something which felt right. It felt wrath.
15.Qayin and Qalmana’s love was genuine and both worked hard unlike their siblings. The Demiurge proved to be unfair for he rewarded the weak and punished the strong. Qayin and Qalmana discussed in great length as to what to do and it was decided that they would kill Able and Kelipat.
16.Qalman seduced Able easily and told him that she wanted him to take her to the fields where Qayin tended and take her as his wife there in the field. Able, overcome with blind lust, eagerly followed his sister to his own death.
17.Qayin waited in the field. When Qalmana and Able arrived Qayin stepped out of the shadows. Able cried out for mercy for he saw the wrath burning in his brother’s eyes. Qayin killed Able without mercy.
18.The blood flowed toward the Earth and the Earth drank it up. Qayin felt an awakening as the Black Flame hidden within him awoken. He had reached Gnosis by being the first murderer and thus sealed his fate as the Lord of Death.

19.Qayin saw a raven and followed the raven to a spot in the field out in the open. Here he buried the first grave and the Earth accepted the sacrifice. Through the act of murder Qayin became the first Satanist.
20.Qayin seduced Kelipat who eagerly followed him to Qalmana’s beautiful garden with promise to make love. Qalmana, full of rage, stepped out from the shadows and killed Kelipat. She followed the act of Qayin and buried her, this time hidden beneath a rose bush. Qalmana felt the Black Flame within and thus became the second Satanist.
21.When Able and Kelipat never returned home Adam sought out the Demiurge. The Demiurge discovered the grave of Able for it was in an open field but never discovered the body of Kelipat. The Demiurge made Qayin stand before him and proclaimed that the blood of Able cried out to him. The creator banished Qayin and Qalmana putting a curse on them and a mark on Qayin’s head.
22.The two Satanists went out and formed their own kingdom named after their first son Enoch. Here they perfected the arts of Witchcraft and had more Fireborn children. The children of Adam and Eve feared the Qayin bloodline for they were Clayborn like their parents. Thus was the birth of Satanism.

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