The Abyss

The abyss is where the causal and acausal meet and intersect. We have this abyss within us all for we all are a nexion to the acausal realm. This is where we come from, this is where our spark was stolen from and thus it is our connection to it. One can go their entire life totally unaware that the abyss exists unless they look for it. Our ego blocks it, the illusionary light cast by the Demiurge. So how does one discover the abyss; through acausal sorcery.

The Wrathful Gods look for ways into our world to destroy it. If we seek the abyss the Wrathful Gods will help us to evolve to the point where we can access it. This abyss is similar to the Tehiru where the thoughtful and thoughtless light divided into two sides. Within all of us is a Tehiru.
So how does one access the abyss, their own Tehiru? The first step is spiritual segregation. This concept I mentioned earlier but failed to go into great depth about it. This is remaining away from all contact, human or otherwise, for a set period of time. Usually a day or two will suffice as you break down your ego’s need to attach itself from this world and delve deep into your own mind and break down the ego and the physical body.
During this segregation one will not eat. They will drink the minimum it takes to survive and they will not toy with any earthly aspects to include technology or even books. Refrain from any sort of masturbation. This is a time for you and your thoughts.
Next you will walk for an undetermined amount of time. When you are exhausted set up camp and prepare for the ritual. On the ground draw an eleven angle sigil with the wand. At each point put a black candle and light it. Envision the sigil glowing red, then purple and then back to red. Stand in the center of the sigil and envision yourself stepping into the abyss. Envision the acausal realm the best you can comprehend it.

Trace a circle in the sky above you, then trace one in the air below you.
“I open the ways of the abyss. Let me be a conduit for which the acausal energies of lawlessness and chaos can flow through this human nexion. Allow me time in the abyss, allow me time with my Azoth. Gods of the Other Side, I call you all in your wrathful forms.”
Now draw a pitchfork in front of you with the wand. In the center of the pitchfork start making a never completing circle which grows and shrinks, much like a spiral. As this spiral continues chant “Open the gates. Chaos” Do this several times.

Take the blood letting knife and cut open your wand hand. Grip the want in a bloody fist. Raise the wand high and conduct the pitchfork/spiral/chant several times. Then lower the want to the air below you and conduct again the pitchfork/spiral/chant.
With your non cut hand hold and raise the quartz tetrahedron to eye level and gaze deep inside of it. Chant the word “Chaos”. Your body is now weak with hunger, thirst, deprived of causal contact and blood loss. This is you killing your ego to free the Azoth to enter the Abyss.

Hold the crystal and go to all four directions and above and below and trace a pentagram with the wand in each direction, all while looking into the quartz.

When done recite “I open the gate to the abyss. I
welcome the acausal energies and the form they may take.”

Chant more as images begin to form within the crystal. If you see images then you have entered the abyss. If you are ready enlightenment nears, but if you are not you will face pure terror and maybe even death.
Repeat chants as many times as you can while gazing into the quartz. This could take hours or even days without a break. When you cannot take any more you may lower the crystal and spend the next hour in deep meditation. After this the ritual is complete. You leave the room, leaving the nexion open.
Warning: This is not a ritual which should be attempted until you have at the very least reached external adept, but internal adept level two is the preferred rank before this ritual should be completed.


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