Our Left Hand Path

The Left Hand Path is a personal path one takes consciously. We have been born hard wired to follow the Demiurgic cults and accept the causal world for what it is. We are born to love and praise this world. Those of us enlightened enough to see past the illusion decided at some point in our lives that there needs to be more. There has to be more.

This gravitation toward the left happens early in life when the child begins to ask questions that cannot be answered with scripture. The child begins to see the decay and rot of the world, the ugliness of it. Misanthropy begins to form.

At some point the now adult will do one of two things. He will simply go through life miserable, living a mundane life of materialism without gratification until he either kills himself or dies some other way. The other option, if he is intelligent enough and exposed to it, is to embrace the Left Hand Path.

The Left Hand Path is a complex labyrinth of knowledge and wisdom. It is a working of esoteric and exoteric personal experiences, living by personal judgement, and amorality, the going beyond the limits set by the social, political, religious and legal norms of society. By consciously taking this path less traveled the individual will gain knowledge and progress toward adeptship, which leads to gnosis.

The Lilin Society believes in strength in all forms. Therefore it emphasizes as follows:

1) Laborious and physically exhausting challenges
2) times of spiritual segregation in which the individual has detached from all outside contact
3) commiting sinister acts including human culling and partaking in dangerous and challenging insight roles
4) A study of the dark arts limiting not to a single tradition but transcending many.
5) The evolution of the spirit and man to become a new, superior specie called homo galaticus.

Satanism has been defined and redefined so many times it is sickening. To the Lilin Society there are a couple things which one must understand to properly define this mess we call Satanism.

1) The acceptance and belief in the existence of acausal beings, defined as belonging to the spiritual world of the lawless eternity of chaos, that which exists outside of cosmic creation.
2) The acceptance and belief in the acausal being called Satan
3) having the belief that this Satan has some control over, or influence upon human beings, both individually and aeonic.
This shapeshifting, omnipresent being called Satan exists in the acausal dimensions of Sitra Achra but can and has manifested in our causal universe, notably as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He is not “the” god but one of many dark gods whom exist in Sitra Achra. We, human beings, can know and experience Satan by:
1) sorcery, which is the accessing and channeling of acausal energy through a nexion
2) living amoral and sinister lives
3) human sacrifice
4) by entering the acausal upon death by shedding material anchors that bind us to this world, destroying out ego and living according to the sinister law.

We do not worship Satan in the Lilin Society, for no Satanist shall bow to any god or man, but rather a profound appreciation of the acausal entities known as gods or demons. They are something we aspire to become one day.

Satan has nothing to do with the Biblical tale of a fallen angel. He is a god and we have given him this name for he is the adversary of the Demiurge. The dark gods explain such things as dragons, jinn, demons and supernatural serpents.

We believe there is a esoteric name for Satan, a name which can be known through a particular esoteric chant in which we will open a nexion to the acausal and allow one or more of the dark gods, including Satan, to presence in and change our causal world. To eventually bring about it’s destruction.
We follow the path of pathei-mathos, which is the act of learning through personal suffering, hardship and experience. We learn through adversity.

Human sacrifice in the Lilin Society has many methods. There is the physical act through occult ritual, assassinations or staged accidents. One can also spend a period of time coaching individuals into committing suicide OR manipulating others to do it for you. If one took on the insight role of law enforcement or military, the act of culling is more likely. Unless it is in your insight role, the Society only approves ritual culling through sorcery.

Culling sheds prana, or energy, as well as thin the mundane herd. It also builds the sinister character up and binds them to their sect, coven or society.

Sacrifices involving man are never chosen randomly. They must be selected based upon their role as an adversary to Satanism. From here they are tested and judged.


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