No Religion

As a Satanist one must realize that what we have can’t ever be a religion, for to recognize a religion is to recognize an authoritarian figure head and structured sets of dogma. Now the labyrinth of the Lilin Society I have spoken of in the past gets a little more confusing. The words contradiction comes to mind of many for they reply with the fact that the Lilin Society has rules and some would say that myself, being the leader of this society, acts as its head.

What differentiates the teachings of the Lilin Society from say Christianity is that we promote self evolution and encourage dissidence. We are a rebellious group but loyal to our own sinister kind, and only loyal to our own sinister kind. Never once have I demanded anyone treat me any different from an initiate, never once have I demanded respect due to my position as leader. Truth be told, I walk a solitary path for the most part and do not partake in group workings. This is my nature. I am selfish in my quest and therefore I do not play well with others.

The Lilin Society was never meant to be some cult, not some place where empty headed weaklings can be told what to do. If it’s a tit you seek to suck on there exists plenty of religions out there. The reason that I formed structure was to aid those who need the group setting. I have taught those who need group settings how to effectively run their own sect. The Lilin Society has an always will be a loose network of kindred spirits whom support 1)the destruction of causal abstractions of all kinds including government, religions and its propaganda education system 2) the aeonic sorcery which will either bring about world wide enlightenment and evolution or decimate this planet (the latter is more than likely) 3) the evolution of the spirit to become a new specie of man and 4) the total annihilation of the causal world we live in and a return to what is natural, cosmic chaos.

Anarchy is the only law for the lawless. Blood stained streets and empty bullet shells are just a dent in the coming anarchy for to truly be effective we must infiltrate the system and demolish it from within. That is where the Dreccs come into play. We must be parasites whom guise as mundanes and suck the prana from this planet. Our goals of cosmic destruction are kind of out of our reach, for now, but why strive to break sephirotic chains when the chains of causal abstractions bind us here and now with their subjective laws? There is only one law and that is of honor.

The causal abstraction of government tells you that murder is wrong. I disagree with this statement for I feel that a good culling once in a great while does the land good. It cleanses the already filthy streets of mundane nuisances. The United States sponsors unnecessary wars that are un winnable, wars like that on drugs or terrorism. Let the weak shoot their dope and kill themselves, let the terrorists cull and bring about aeonic sorcery, whether it brings enlightenment or holocaust at least it’s a change in the mundane world.
Now I have stated in the past that the Lilin Society doesn’t promote criminal behavior. That’s right, for to promote it is to be called a terrorist group and will surely lead to the collapse of the Society. Who am I to tell a member he cannot go out and kill or steal? I am not an authoritarian godhead and this is not a religion. If a Lilin Society member wants to detonate a bomb that kills himself and dozens of others in the name of Satan, who am I to say don’t do that? I just see an explosion of violence causes a dent in the causal abstraction, it is a blemish and a series of statistics. It causes no change except incarceration or death, a death more often than most that the Satanist wasn’t ready for. I encourage weak minded Lilin Society members to kill themselves.
This is not a religion. Don’t mistake it for one.


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