Book of Tehiru

1.There was no beginning and there shall be no end. Lawlessness and Chaos is eternal, all encompassing and everlasting.

2.It was always here, it shall always be here. There is no destruction for chaos.

3.This is the Unmanifested Universe. It is ruled by a god of no name, a god unknown. Within the perfection of the acausal everything is possible for Chaos is perfect, the Unknown God is perfect.

4.There was Ain, the Nothingness of Divinity in all its wondrous Fullness of Emptiness. This was the true Holiness, the unlimited and unrestrictive.

  1. In the beginning of slavery, creation, from chaos fell a small portion of Divine Chance. It fell down though the heart of nothingness and toward the Limit. Thus was created Ain Sof
  2. .This was the non-limited but with it was carried limit caused by separation. Within this state of Ain Sof divinity was restricted by the unlimited yearning to learn limit. As the will of the Demiurge manifested, so did his opposition.

  3. 7.Half sought to further causality while the other aimed to uphold the Ain, acausality. One side was with thought of separation while the other was unwilling to know to avoid further restriction.

  4. 8.The Ain Sof was absolute, leaving no possibility of conflicting thought and thoughtlessness within it. Each side limited each other as one sought the path of restriction and the other wished to be absorbed back into the womb of Tiamat.

  5. 9.The void and empty space was produced by the retracting side of causal thought of creation while the thoughtless became further removed. To build manifestation the side of restriction became a Light with Limit. It shot down from the Tzimtzum and into the void of Tehiru, the void created by the opposing sides. Thus creation was formed.

  6. 10.Until this moment the thoughtless side was slumbering. Upon awakening it established it’s own force to counteract that of the light of creation and thus to limit the void where thoughtful light could shine.

  7. 11.The light of the causal had acquired the upper half of Tehiru while the acausal acquired the lower half. At the point where the two sides collided split bits of the two lights and engulfed each other. A gate formed causing an unwanted bounding in which one side is imprisoned the sparks of the Black Light while the other absorbed the white.

  8. 12.Thus the Tree of Life was created by Causal Light through ten emanations. The Demiurge would use this to limit and make himself known without Chaos.

  9. 13.The Acausal Light opposed the Cosmic Order. This was further instigated from the barriers of Tehiru as well as the sparks that were imprisoned within the Tree of Life.

  10. 14.The sparks immediately rebelled. The Cosmic further parted from Chaos and the Acausal Light became furious. Within the fourth emanation, known at that time as Masukhiel, the rebellion began. The trapped sparks took 64
    forms which threatened the will of the Demiurge. The leader of this first rebellion was the Prince of all warriors of the Acausal Light and his name was Qemetial.

  11. 15.The Demiurge handled the rebellion by destroying Masukhiel. The emanation absorbed Qemetial and his warriors. Although there forms were destroyed their essence continued on for their spirit was born out of Chaos.

  12. 16.The Demiurge made a second attempt to create the fourth emanation. More of the essence of the opposing side was trapped and the war continued. The leader this time was Belial. His warriors were more aggressive and attacked harder. The Demiurge again destroyed this sphere and the warriors but still their essence existed.
  13. .The sphere again formed, this time with even more opposition. Ruled by Athiel these warriors were fiercest of all with the sole ambition to destroy Cosmic Creation and reduce all back to the formless. Again Masukhiel was destroyed but the essence remained.

  14. 18.The Demiurge this time absorbed this Sephira’s entire existence. He pushed it into the Other Side, creating the abyss Masak Mavdil. This was the place for Rejected Failures which became a pit leading to the Other Side.
  15. 19.To cover the wound on the Tree of Life Daath was created and placed upon the huge pit. This time it remained stable and the rest of the ten emanations were created.

  16. 20.The Acausal Light in it’s abysmal side in Tohu had kept it’s core essence of Ain beyond constrictive forms and
    connected it it’s source. In Bohu it had kept it’s spirit empty of all impulses with the exception of those who strive to return to Ain.

  17. 21.Now through Chasek it aimed to undo creation. Chasek mimicked the Ain Soph Aur. They took the form of an eleven headed dragon to fight creation. And this dragon is called Chavajoth.

  18. 22.The black serpents of the Other Side formed the adverse Tree of Death


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