Book of Lilith

She is divine serenity, rage, dominance, motherlike compassion; Lilith wears many faces and this is why we associate her as the faceless Queen. She is the serpent, the other face, which tempted Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. She is the mother of Qayin and Qalmana who were born in the womb of Eve. When Eve drank from the river of forget to unlearn what the Demiurge deemed dangerous, the unborn children were unaffected.

As we progress to ascend the Tree of Death we shall encounter Lilith many times on our voyage. We shall begin at Malkuth where we are faced with the abysmal form of Mother Earth. The violence of nature unfold for she cannot be tamed. Mankind may build their structures tall, their bridges long but at any time Lilith in this form will swallow what man has created.

The womb of the whore is a gateway, a grave to the first stage of spiritual change. Where the body dies, the spirt carries on and transcends the barriers cosmic creation have built up around it. The adept takes death as a blessing as he is ready to continue his journey to be one with the other side. A world just within our reach but unable to be processed, a world which can be accessed through meditation, a place we call the Abyss. With practice the adept will find himself at the entranceway to the Qliphoth.
The second qlipha is ruled by Lilith, the sphere of Gamaliel which is called the Obscene one. This is a realm of forbidden sexuality full of the whores of hell. This is the demonic personification of primal instincts. The adept looks deep in himself amongst the orgy where the moon drops blood, the vaginal fluids of the demonic feminine. This is the potion of immortality. Drink the menstruation of her womb. Drink the lunar blood of the moon.

Lilith rules the two lower spheres yet her throne is in Satariel, dark counterpart of Binah, mother. She is the dark mother, the great demon whore of the qliphoth. One will not survive their encounter with the dark goddess, for she will kill the adept to bring him eternal life.

She is the beautiful nurturing mother yet she is the abysmal whore of death. She is the incomprehensible to the neophyte but beneficial to the adept. She is Lilith.


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