Book of Chavajoth

The Chavajoth have gone by other names, mainly Azerate which is used by the Temple of the Black Light, however I have felt that Chavajoth is the more traditional term for the eleven Anti Cosmic Gods of the Tree of Death.

As we ascend the tree we come to the first sphere known as Nehemoth, ruled by Naamah. This is the sister of Lilith, she is also known as the face of Lilith. Nehemoth is the whisperers, or night specters. This is the dark side of Malkuth, our physical world and thus the first sphere during our climb.
Gamaliel is known as the polluted of God, referring to the Demiurge. Whereas Yesod is the place of the final forms before they become matter in Malkuth, these are the adverse images that produce vile results. Lilith rules this sphere.

Samael is the desolation of god and the Left Hand. Whereas Hod is the working of the Will of the Demiurge Samael is the barren desolation. This is ruled by Adramelech.
Harab Serapel is the Ravens of the Burning God and where Netzach is the openness of love, this is where misanthropy originates. The ruler of this sphere is Baal Thagirion, those who bellow grief and tears. Where Tiphereth is the place of beauty and rejoicing guised by the false light, Thagirion exposes the truth in that it all is an illusion.
Golachab is the sphere of the burning bodies. Geburah is a going forth in power to rule whereas the Golachab is those who burn to destroy creation, even themselves to return to the unmanifested universe. This sphere is ruled by Asmodeus
Gamchicoth is the devourers. Where chesed is the source of bounty both in idea and substance to the lower forms Gamchicoth is the order who wish to waste the thought of creation. This is ruled by Astaroth.
Sathariel is the concealment of the Demiurge. Binah is the “great revealing” or in truth concealing whereas Sathariel conceals the false lies and reveals truth. This is ruled by Lucifuge Rofocale.

Chaigidel is the confusion of the power of the Demiurge. These are to scramble the powers of Chokmah, to choke out that which gives vital energy stolen for the creation process of Binah. This sphere is ruled by Beelzebuth.

Thamiel is the duality in the Demiurge. Where Kether is unity in creation Thamiel is the division of that which is perfect in the eyes of thoughtful light. This sphere is ruled by Satan and Moloch. Satan looks up to the unmanifested universe he wishes to return to while Moloch looks down at the spheres of the Qliphoth.

When these Wrathful Gods unite they form the dragon known as Chavajoth which will cause total cosmic destruction, kill creation and return all to the womb of Tiamat.


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