Basic Demon Summoning Ritual

Sometimes the simplest and most used methods work the best. This is a method which has been passed down for many years but I have altered it to fit in with the current of Chaos Gnosticism.

The spirits of the acausal realm do not have names in the sense that we do. We give them names to identify them. Understand that Asmodeus of the Chavajoth may not be the same as Asmodeus from Goetia, but they share something for they both share the name. They in fact may be the same, the point is that you are not sure so you must be sure of your intention and exactly which form of a demon you wish to summon. Understand that to summon a demon for thrill or just because you can is irresponsible and insulting, not to mention dangerous.
Light black candles upon the altar and incense before the black mirror. It is important that you are not disturbed during this ritual. There should be no audio or visual distractions. This is a personal ritual and the demon does not like an audience.
Take your time and draw the demon’s sigil on a piece of cloth. Paper can work but I prefer cloth. Never burn the sigil, it can be reused. Draw this without being disturbed. Close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind. Chant the demon’s name out loud. Then when the image is clear recite the following prayer.

“Lord Satan, wrathful gods of the Chavajoth of the Other Side, I ask for your assistance. I ask that you allow my mind to comprehend and aid me in executing this ritual. God of Sitra Achra, father of Qayin and Qalmana, Satan I request you to inspire__________(name of Demon) to manifest before me, that he/she may give me accurate and true answers so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his/her office. This I respectfully ask in Your Name, Lord Satan.”

You should immediately feel a positive and strong energy. This is the acausal sorcery in effect. If you have traveled to the abyss this ritual should be no issue for you have already strengthened your bond with the acausal world. If not then the demon may not appear, or he has and you just didn’t sense it. If this is the case do not give up, try again another time.

Be prepared to offer the demon something in return. Ask him what he wants and do not fail to deliver. There is no need for banishing rituals, these rituals are for the Demiurge cults who abuse the dark side.
For those new to demon summoning, the demon may communicate in the following ways. The demon may speak to you through thoughts. At first it can certainly be difficult for those who are not as sensitive to psychic ability to distinguish between the communication from a demon and their own thoughts. If this is the case the Sorcerer should practice techniques to increase their psychic abilities.
For those more psychic and have experience the Sorcerer may see and hear the demon in a causal form. The form may not make sense for your brain doesn’t have the ability to fully comprehend the acausal.

Another method in which the demon may have contact is through invocation of the energy of the demon. This powerful aura may allow us to see and hear the demon. To those without the black flame burning within, this may be terrifying. The final way is through poltergeist activity, such as temperature change, objects in the room moving, or even objects hurling across the room.

At times demon summoning can be overwhelming. The Sorcerer may walk away from the ritual with feelings of madness and a loss of touch with reality. In some cases, Sorcerers have died during demon summoning rituals.


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