Pact with Satan

I have gone over this in the Grimoire of Asha’Shedim but would like to offer yet another pact with Satan. Remember that a pact with Satan is lifelong and you wont ever be able to go back to the Demiurge after this. You will forever be cursed much like Qayin but the curse is actually a blessing of the dark spirits.

Many people get scared once a pact is made for they feel depressed or apathetic. They begin to be easily irritated by people and society. This is normal for this is your Azoth coming to life, the black flame which has been hidden deep inside you. You are on the path to gnosis.

The ritual begins at your altar. You will draw the sigil of Lucifer on a cloth.
And on another cloth you will draw your own personal sigil. This cloth sigil must remain with you for one week after the ritual in a pocket. This is to attach your essence to the esoteric nature of it.
Now light a black candle and gaze into a black mirror. Sprinkle datura herb all around the altar as well as red rose pedals. Datura is called Devil’s Apple and is symbolic of the apple in the garden which liberates. The rose pedals are symbolic of Qayin and Qalmana, the first Satanists.
Kneel before the altar. Now vibrate in a chant the names “Satan, Moloch” which are the two heads of the Qliphoth Tree of Death. Gaze into the dark mirror as you do this. When you feel energy start to flow throughout your body you may recite the next part.

“Lord Satan, liberator and bringer of the black flame, I am at your service. I swear allegiance to you and break all ties to the Demiurge, God of Creation. I call upon

the Dark Gods of Chaos to hear this pact I make to you Satan.”
Now cut your palm and let the blood flow on the altar, around the herbs and on the sigils of Lucifer as well as your own sigil. Concentrate and focus on the mirror. Images may appear, or other signs that the ritual has worked such as a sensation throughout your body or even objects in the room moving.

Now rise from your position and hold your hands up and announce to the sky “Hail Satan”.


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