Two Inmates

For nearly 8 years I worked at Alexander Correctional located in NC. It’s a close custody facility which means maximum security.

I have seen some horrific shit, and experienced horrific shit while working there. I was on PERT (basically SWAT), gang intelligence, the mental health unit, cell extraction team, hostage negotiator and I even was a certified tactical mantracker. I was all in but then I started to become socially aware.

I was was complacent in my role in the prison industrial complex and the rampant racist in Americas prison system, I just didn’t know.

For a while I stayed because i thought I could be one of the good ones. My liberal views distanced me from others and I wound up doing drugs in the parking lot before my shift.

I want to tell you the story of Ivy and Sam. Ivy went to prison for breaking into a wealthy house in the middle of the night. He got 80 goddamn years

Around the same time Sam, a Vietnam vet, was using drugs and one day killed his pregnant wife with a cinder block. He got 80 years

The reason was clear. Ivy was black and Sam was white. And this happens all the time. Systematic racism and white supremacy does exist and until it fixed I stand by ACAB.

Black Lives Matter

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