Smoking Meth with a Pregnant woman

It’s no secret that I was a drug addict fire a while. During those stormy periods your standards drop significantly and you tolerate the intolerable.

Tasha was a southern black girl around my age. Bright but not educated. She had a baby with a white supremacist (I know crazy isn’t it) so there were no limits to what she’d do to get high.

Fast forward and she is pregnant, the father is some tweaker. She came over my house and she saw our cat. She was terrified of cats. We started smoking meth and doing lines of Percocet (I know how bad this was but I’m a changed person). The cat began starring at her and she began telling us that the cat was having a telepathic connection with her fetus.

She was convinced that meth wouldn’t hurt the baby and just like her other 3 kids she knew social services was going to take this one too.

A month later we had unprotected sex (drugs cloud judgement) and when we were done she said “this baby is yours.”

Luckily she didn’t get pregnant and I didn’t catch any STD’s. I made a lot of impulsive sexual acts during my drug faze. Hell, one time I had sex and snorted meth off a woman’s ass. She was only 23 and I was 36. Not proud of that one

But meth is a hell of a drug. Your morals are gone, you barely sleep, you hallucinate after being up three days. A tweaker will make disgusting , regrettable decision they would never do sober.

I was lucky. I found my own way out and my partner/best friend make certain that I didn’t relapse.

If you have a loved one on meth remember, that monster is the drugs and your loved one is still there, and with help they can return.

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