A Bad Decision

I was driving around with a friend, Dave looking for people to sell to. At the time 10 mg Percocet was 18 dollars and I got them for 8 and sold them for 16

So we ended up at this young woman’s house because she wanted some. Thinking I’d be right out Dave stayed in the car.

I got this woman on meth. She was only 23 years old, thin with long brown hair. Within 5 minutes we began making out before moving to the bedroom.

Keep in mind I was 36.

She got naked and I did a line off of her butt cheek. The we had sex for like an hour and I half. Then I realized Dave was in the car.

He said he figured I was getting laid and didn’t want to interrupt. That woman ended up hanging out with us for the day getting high.

I am ashamed of this story for so many reasons, but most of all it’s the age difference bothers me. She was 23. I had no business. But drugs change your morals and things that are normally wrong become normal.

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