The Woods Out Back

There once was a time where I actually enjoyed walking through the woods at night. There was a trail behind my apartment building. One night, after an exhausting day at work, I decided to clear my mind with a walk.
It was a cold night. I was bundled up and even had a can of mace. You know, just in case.
After walking a while I heard a sound. It was a rustling in the bushes. Oddly I noticed I couldn’t hear anything. Usually you can hear cars, it is next to a busy street and it wasn’t late. The ambience of the city wasn’t there. Just that rustling.
I pulled out a flashlight and shined the light in the direction of the noise. Standing there was a naked man.
He was tall with a thin build and a pale skin tone. When I shined the light on his face I gasped. There was none. It had a hideous red complexion with a mouth full of broken teeth and two holes where the nose should be. There were no eyes.
It shrieked at me. It was a deafening sound, high pitched. The man reached down and brought up a machete. I ran.
I could hear him behind me, shrieking. I didn’t look back. I ran toward my house as the faceless man chased me. Then I tripped.
I was terrified. I froze a panic ran through my body. I was about to die. I shined the light in the man’s direction and to my astonishment he was gone.
Immediately I got up and ran home. For the rest of my time living in that apartment I avoided the path. My paranoia grew as the scenario played in my head on a loop. I became a shut-in for three weeks before I found a new apartment online.
I still see the faceless man.

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