The Fall of the Lilin Society

The onetime great Lilin Society has crumbled

We sought to surpass spiritual bounds

A sealed circle of occultists exploring the esoteric

but as with anything, people ravaged it

Metaphors were taken verbatim

And our doctrine became infected

Liberating rituals were replaced by racist ramblings and iron eagles

A sect that at one time was accepting of all who wished to learn had become stifled by radical fascists

I watched as the interlopers defiled my creation

The cult morphed into an agency of hate

The once elucidating sinister path became toxic ruins

Many were lost in the labyrinth

so as the sect’s founder I was accountable

I had to make a decision

So I scorched my creation

Along with the filth that bound to it

Now the Lilin Society is dead

One thought on “The Fall of the Lilin Society

  1. it was beyond your control. the filth of the herd animals is so prevailent that constant diligence must be practiced in order to prevent the contamination. peace be with on your path. Hail Satan!


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