Pomba Gira

Her dance is enthralling

The way she swings those hips

Mandating bloodbath orgies

The voracious epitome of sex

Elegant and nurturing

Fierce godhead, abusing skin

She’s a conduit of animosity and vehemence

Red clad dress, stained with goat’s blood

sensual cemetery matron

With promiscuous vulgarity

She calls upon lethal serpents

I’m gripped by her, intrigued

Tremendous and gorgeous Pomba Gira

whore of the seven kalungas

And the wretched of the trashcan

Climaxing long after death

My cadaver is hers to idolize with her tongue

and to exploit with her talons

Until my carcass stinks with putrefaction

Nude, the voluptuous goddess proceeds with her salacious dance

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