Naamah’s Song

She weaves with bloody silk

Culling the moon in the sky

Spiders crawling up her gown

Devils hide between her blue fluffy thighs

drawn by an otherworldly ballad

A maddening melody

that drew me toward the sinister path

The Qliphotic, chaotic aeon approaches

And I withstood Choronzon

Traversing the abyss

Fractions of me succumb to the cancer

Nevertheless, this is crucial in attaining individuation

The acausal current is robust

The fragile won’t subsist

Stardust eradicated, my old self perishes

And I emerge from the grime anew

I abdicate the cosmic edict

Turning my back on the demiurge

I pose at the void’s ledge

eyeing manic devils as they plummet

Enticed by the sexy cadaver

in her honor, Infernal queen Naamah

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