Manic Collapse

I get this fire burning in my brain

There’s a sudden slip

Dancing between deification and excrement

I frolic throughout the entire fucking spectrum

Endless regrets which at the time I’m rage blind to, no mercy, teeth flashing

Transformed into this demented ghoul

Immolating bridges and burying loved ones

Then I’m falling a million flights down into the concrete where I sink into the dirt below and become a meal for those fat worms

Shame is just a word for I am incapable of capturing the awesomeness of how low I feel

Yet this chemical imbalance leaves my existence in a constant state of instability

I’m unstable, uncontainable, a demonic force

And I shouldn’t be surprised when those in my orbit turn their backs on me, I don’t blame them, but these possessions poison me at my heart chakra

One day I will kill myself

For now, I’ll pull these iron chains

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