The Head

He’d spent the entire afternoon pursuing road kill. Sure there were healthier things for a nineteen-year-old man to be doing, like working or dating, but he wasn’t an ordinary man. He had one desire in life, and that was corpses. This is not to assume that Simon wasn’t a sexually active male, he got more than most his age; he just had unusual tastes. He was a necrosexual, and he loved to have sex with road kill.

The first time was the best. He was only thirteen years old and had a head full of confused thoughts. He loved gory movies and had a strong sex drive… but he realized early on that his sexual attraction wasn’t to anything alive. He was turned on by the dead.

He fantasized every night. He masturbated while thinking of that cold flesh deprived of oxygen, the skin in various states of decomposition. Men, women or animals… it didn’t matter to him. The only requirement that would satisfy his morbid fetish was that the subject was a cadaver. He’d never murder anybody; in fact, he’d never even had sex with a human. His lovers were those killed on the side of the road and to him, Highway 44 was an orgy of dead meat.

His first sexual experience was with a dog. He saw the maggot infested hunk of meat baking in the sun. The pungent odor aroused him, and he felt like his erection would break off in his pants at any moment. He looked at the decaying animal and eagerly unzipped his jeans. From that point on, it became an addiction.

Of course, no one knew of this. Necrosexuals are not ones who live out loud. He lived with his mother and father in the good old suburban town of Seekonk, yet the community had no idea how sick he was.

But he didn’t see himself as mentally ill now, did he? Who was he really harming? Necrophilia is essentially a victimless crime, and it’s not like he desecrated loved ones. No, he only took those who were tossed away like trash to begin with. He satisfied his strange sexual urges by recycling the dead animals he discovered.

He had been hunting all afternoon, but route 44 was vacant. He took his explorations all around town and still came up empty. A neighbor’s dog got his attention, and he thought how easy it would be to kill it. He could crush its head with a rock, but no, that would be sick. He had standards.

It was behind a grocery store on Route 6 where he caught a scent. It stunk of death, and his nostrils picked up the stink like a bloodhound. As he got closer to the pungent odor, his erection grew. He wondered what he’d find. As he opened the dumpster, he was surprised to put it mildly.

There, sitting on a pile of rotting vegetables and expired beef, it sat. Tossed away and left to be taken away to the local dumping grounds. What he found was the severed head of a blond woman.

 He almost collapsed to the ground and even ejaculated in his underwear as he stared at the head. Her face had been frozen in the final moments before her death. Her cloudy colored eyes were open, staring blankly at him, begging to be fucked. With a shaking hand, he scooped it up and stuffed it into his backpack.

He’d take her home. This would be a special night. Tonight, he’d have a human. He’d finally have his first sexual experience with his own specie and a female at that.

Twice on the way home, he had to stop and masturbate in the woods. He was so overcome with excitement. It took all his will to not pull the head out and make love to it in the secrecy of the woods. No, this was to be a special day. He felt something new…was it love?

When he got home, he ran to his bedroom and tossed the backpack onto the bed. He closed the door and hit play on his iPod. The loud death metal music filled the bedroom as he quickly undressed. He pulled his lover from the backpack and placed it onto the center of the bed.

She looked up at him. He named her Lauren. What a lovely name for such a beautiful woman. He bent down and placed his warm lips on her cold ones, and slipped his tongue inside.

He felt something enter his mouth. He was a little crazy, but not crazy enough to actually believe this severed head was sending her tongue his way. When he pulled back, he felt it still in his mouth. He spit out a cockroach. This was it; he was so turned on right now that the romance was over. He gripped the head in his hands and jammed his erect penis into the open mouth.

With each violent thrust he felt closer to god. He felt a sensation no dog or squirrel or even goose had ever given him. As he came in the back of that head, he felt bliss that couldn’t be matched.

When he was done, he watched his semen drip out from under the severed neck. This turned him on again, and this time he decided to try something else, something he had learned from fucking a dead deer. He took his penis and jammed it into the eye socket. The squishing sound as the eyeball liquefied around his dick caused him to last no more than a couple seconds. He had sex with the head six more times before he was done.

He lay there on his bed with the head on his chest. He looked at it and felt something in his heart. A flutter. He felt what all those high school boys and girls felt; love. 

He loved Lauren. He never wanted to leave her…except he knew that their time together was short. This was the problem with necrophilia. She would decay, like all the others, and she would leave him. He couldn’t handle this thought. He needed to do something.

The stink was bad, worse than any animal. When his parents came home, they would smell it for sure. He knew he needed to do something, and that’s when the idea hit him. He could boil the meat off. He could put it in a pot and boil it until it was nothing more than a skull. The smell would be gone, and he could keep Lauren forever.

He imagined staying up late and watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Lauren, kissing her skeletal lips as he masturbated himself onto her cranium. His parents wouldn’t be home for hours. If he started now, he could pull it off.

He got dressed and ran to the kitchen with the head. He grabbed a pan and filled it with water. When the water was boiling, he took the head and looked her in her one remaining eye. He smiled.

“I love you Lauren. We’re going to be together forever now.” He then tossed the head inside the pot. While it boiled he decided to kill time by watching one of his favorite movies, Halloween.

Hours had gone by and he had fallen asleep, dreaming of his new life with Lauren. He dreamed of all the hot nights they’d have. He dreamed of carrying her around in his backpack and bringing her to the movies. He imagined sitting on a hill with her and watching the sun set. He was pulled from his slumber when he heard the front door open.

He looked down at his watch. It was eight thirty. He overslept and now his parents were home. He nervously got up as they entered the kitchen.

 “Hey honey, what are you cooking?” His mother asked. He nervously glanced around the room as his father smelled the air.

 “Damn, that smells good, kid. What is it?”

 “Stew.” He muttered. He thought for a second. “Lamb stew.”

 “Lamb stew, I never had it before.” His father responded, looking pleased.

 “That is a weird smell, but it doesn’t smell bad.” His mother added. “Is it done?”

 “No, it is just a little longer; I need to add veggies.”

 “Ok there champ, we’ll go shower and get settled in while you cook.” His father took off to the bedroom as his mother kissed him on the head.

 “You are such a good boy” She took off, leaving him in the kitchen with the boiling head.

He went through the refrigerator as he pulled out more ingredients to add. A little carrot, some potatoes, an onion, a little garlic…some salt and a season blend. He added all this and let it cook a little more.

He nervously dropped a ladle into the pot as he scooped the contents into three bowls. His parents eagerly waited at the dining room table, discussing their work day. As he brought the bowls in, he wondered how it would taste.

Moments after placing down the bowl, his parents sipped it and smiled. His father leaned back with a satisfying grin.

 “Goddamn Simon, I think you discovered your trade.”

 “You’re one hell of a cook, honey. Seriously, this is amazing.”

Simon looked down at his bowl and scooped the contents into his mouth. He let the stew swish around a little bit and smiled. It was good; no it was amazing.

They ate their soup. When they were done, Simon even insisted on doing the dishes. When he said his goodnights, he went back to the kitchen.

He saw the bedroom light turn off. He was alone. He fished the skull out of the pot and looked at it. He smiled as he kissed its forehead.

 “Thank you Lauren. I never knew I was a cook until tonight.”

That night he slept with Lauren in his arms as he dreamed of his future with her sand his future as a chef.

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