Vulture Stew

bless this country, oh Lord, whitewash and capitalize

pray for corporate mergers which strategically divide us

fistfuck a maggoty hole through the staggering and arthritic

pop a pill, strap on your boots and just shut up and listen

dont ever let your guard down when the vultures circle above

direct conversations aren’t even allowed anymore

log on, they must crystalize your appointment with the hangman

lethargic marrionettes skip to absurd laugh tracks

my belt`s way to big yet my hands are calloused

to even whisper about fundamental rights gets your commie ass flagged

no fly, grounded, imprisoned just for being a person

even in economic upswings they only hire cogs

the old Red Scare has never faded, much like a virus it evolved

so be quick and report deviance 

artists, poets, bohemians, all slumming it with clipped wings

they bomb our expressions and kill our messengers

but they lit a slow burning fuse

so dont be surprised when wall street suits are curbstomped

and in the feathery mess of bullet ridden vultures one will ask for forgiveness

sorry pal, white Jesus is away and hes never coming back

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