12/12/2019 (Future Plans)

So what’s next for my work? Glad you asked because its alot.


I am recording an audio book version of “Worms Sprout Wings” which will be released one chapter at a time on my upcoming podcast. Which leads me to…


This will contain alot of my work including essays, stories, poems, reviews and just thoughts about whatever my mind decides at the time. Keep in mind, I’m a diagnosed schizophrenic so it will be worth the listen.


This will be a collection of poetry handwritten into original art. Each poem will be between 1-5 pages of artistic expression. These will NOT be released on Amazon and be special order through my website only.


That’s right, I’ve shifted gear into my next novel. This time I am leaving the rural life and returning to the Greater Boston Metro as we follow a first year Worcester State University student’s journey through drugs, sex, violence and insanity in search of the ‘Murican Experience, and all that it may entail. Fans of Hunter Thompson or William S. Burroughs will not want to skip this one.


I am designing my own tarot deck. I will be doing all the art but the game will change. There will be 40 cards rather than the normal 72 and all description will be within the art, explained with symbols and images. The purpose is not for “magical divination”, instead its a platform for creativity and a psychological aid. These do NOT predict the future and what you do with them, and how you use them is up to you. I designed these to help my creative process but the use is endless, less traditional, more esoteric and (in my humble opinion) more practical.


I plan on getting some poetry readings, story readings, and art exhibits in the works for the 2020-2021 year. I have no idea how far outside I am planning to travel but so far it is within the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia and I would like to make a trip to do Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


I am working on a web based choose your own adventure style horror experience complete with soundtrack, illustrations, audio bites, investigations ect.

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