Brain Picking

My understanding thaws, revitalized to fester

 resurgence is a call to arms in these subversive piss sumps

Sleazy, Low-key junkie merging with the aberrant and decadent

Cohesion is enslavement

The nuisance of coffee house insurgents

I’m inaugurating brusque ethos, crumbling by a searing, subjugated tabernacle

Behind smoldering cobalt eyes is the profligate and I’m quite volatile

In my charisma there’s look as if nothing ‘s odd, you’d certainly not take a second glance

Though, set back is the cascade of civil instability

This domestic, quiet dichotomy, a spiritual fraud with disparity, perpetual combat

Once vehemence is ignited, I’m self-destructive for sure

Seeing that you’ve taken the time to pick my brain

Explain, with sordid detail, what was it you stumbled upon

What exquisitely nefarious marvels have you assimilated

Allow me to speak candidly

Seeing that you enjoy to snoop

Honesty, as a philosophy is ethical only to asinine boobs

How about we don’t bicker over Aristotle’s pitiful wet dreams

Are we really this divergent?

Those who’ve salvaged after meeting the envy ghoul will indicate

There’s a great demand for thorny suits of armor

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