The Seat of Consciousness

Everything had been systematic and clandestine 

During a pursuit of fragmented archetypes I began to feel stifled by a stale cognition  

Suddenly, from the base of my spine came an immense surge

an unbridled current exploded forth

Scorching my chakras prior to smashing into the apex

Once inside Power was redistributed with focus set on the seat of consciousness

Slumming it in the rafters were the bickering devils

the dastardly bug eyed scatterbrains began to swoop in

Nothing more than plague ridden jesters behaving like a gang of obtuse, manic tweakers

Eagerly they siphoned prana in hopes of elevating toxicity levels

With my third eye pried open it became clear that a quarantine would be futile

Aghast, the uninspired scurried off to hide in the shadows

they mumbled segmented vignettes and other nonsense

These slack jawed rubber necks seemed fascinated by the sky

In the fallout of such calamities there ́s no lessons to be learned

Nothing else really, so I watch the stars as they ́re methodically extinguished

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