Redscout´s Revolutionary Manifesto


  1. The working class, known by Marxists as the proletariat, have remained the oppressed majority in conflict theory. Since the earliest roots of modern society took hold the lives of the proletariat have served nothing more than a single purpose; to live and die for the needs of the bourgeoisie. 
  2. The bourgeoisie are the oppressors; aristocrats, slave owners, kings, religious leaders and more recently the predatory capitalists. They are the ones who own the means of production and they use it as a weaponized mechanism of control, influencing world economies in order to maintain their wealth which is earned with the sweat and blood of the proletariat. Without owning the means of production the proletariat is forced to prostitute the only thing they can offer, their labor, and this is exploited by the capitalists.
  3. The bourgeoisie are a small, elite, wealthy and privileged group who’ve established a patriarchal society where we are subjected to endless cycles of oppression in order to feed their insatiable appetite for power and greed. They have remained in power for far too long, but how?
  4. The proletariat has been conditioned throughout the years to hate and reject the Marxist and to accept that the world is unjust, cruel and incapable of change. Many ideas have been promoted over the years, such as social Darwinism eugenics and religion which have all justified the unjust system of control that we see today. 
  5. Modern society is a human construct, it’s not natural and therefore it can be challenged and changed. I repeat, society can be challenged and changed.
  6. However, the brainwashing and propaganda has proved effective in toppling Marxist revolutions worldwide, even the idea of conflict theory is often disregarded by educated people who’ve been raised with a single world view. 
  7. The world has become conditioned to reject the Marxists since the birth of McCarthyism and the late senator’s insane Red Scare. The Marxist agenda is a threat to the status-quo, our revolution would cripple the stranglehold the bourgeoisie has over the proletariat and our existence alone threatens to dismantle their machine, moving to a new Red Dawn, ruled by the proletariat.
  8. Its understandable why the majority despise the Marxist, seldom have we been allowed to speak uninterrupted and although the Marxist has been painted as the enemy we are far from it; we are your brothers and sisters and we have the same oppressor. 
  9. The oppressors have done everything in their power to turn the people against the Marxists. We’re often portrayed as intellectually arrogant, as looking down on those who choose to work a vocation instead of academia and it’s our education on sociological matters that is used against us. Propaganda has been skillfully employed to make us appear condescending, to make it seem that we elevate ourselves when compared to those without continued education, however there is no truth in this. 
  10. The Marxist fights for equality. We don’t understand why some people are allowed better education and livelihood simply because they happened to be born into more privileged families. Most of those we fight for cannot afford to continue their education and instead are forced to take on low paying jobs to feed their families, unable to philosophize about socialist ideology. We don’t think this is fair, we feel that every man, woman and child deserves the same opportunities as those from the wealthy class. We don’t understand why the child born to poverty should be denied the same education as the child of a rich family. 
  11. Why should poor children suffer from illnesses that rich families can pay to cure? In a modern society why should anyone willing to work or better themselves be denied the basics of a modern society due to lack of funds?
  12. We wish to unite the proletariat, to take up arms and strike hard against our enemy, the bourgeoisie. With that said, I ask you, do we still sound like the enemy?
  13. Capitalism at one time was a breath of fresh air, for some,  following the end of feudal society. We were free from the lords but nonetheless some remained in chains. Even after the blacks were freed from their chains slavery didn’t end, it evolved.
  14. After the Civil War the United States entered into a new era called the industrial revolution. Mark Twain called it the Gilded Age, beautiful and precious at first glance but filled with shit. This was the birth of factories and machinery and during this time a wealthy few seized control of the means of production. 
  15. No longer could the proletariat enjoy the fruits of their labor, instead they became just another cog in a corrupt machine. The worker was the means of exploitation, labor the target and now they were paid for their time, a flat wage without any regard to how much they made for the factory owners. The more that the worker was exploited, the wealthier the capitalists became yet the worker remained stuck. They had to endure humiliation, unfair discrimination and unsafe conditions for to speak up would lead to the termination of employment. It became an endless cycle of oppression. This was slavery evolved, this was wage slavery.
  16. Now, years later, predatory capitalism has used the lax regulations of a flawed system and wealthy corporations, some who make more revenue than small countries, are capable of undermining democracy all while pushing its motto; profit before people. 


  1. Class warfare is the tension that exists between economic antagonists, the capitalists, and the proletariat. Although Karl Marx identified the working class as the proletariat the definition has since evolved to include those of the poor class. The poor are exploited through public housing, social programs, incarceration, inadequate education and institutional racism. During times of economic hardships wars that benefit the bourgeoisie are declared and fought by the poor. The problems of middle class and poor class America may be different however, the oppressor is the same.
  2. Due to the paranoia felt by the bourgeoisie regarding the Marxists they have developed a tactical approach to prevent class consciousness. This is the awareness of one’s place in a social class and how it relates to class warfare, it is vital in uniting the proletariat in revolt, and thus has become the main focus of attack by the oppressors. 
  3. Hatred is the ultimate weapon in the bourgeoisie arsenal to keep the classes divided and therefore unable to organize. Racism, mysoginy, anti-semitism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ablesism, ageism and more are all used to cause internal class struggle. As proletariat is pinned against proletariat in a fabricated war, we are unable and unwilling to unite to overthrow the real oppressor. Without solidarity, comradeship, and understanding the Marxist revolution fails to ignite. 
  4. Hatred serves the oppressors well, the division is creates continues to grow even in the post industrial technological age. Through fake news, trolling and social media the fires are fed and the hate is redirected internally. Our first step in destroying our oppressor is to educate and eradicate all forms of inner-class hatred, and instead to redirect our wrath on the capitalists.
  5. Let’s suppose we defeat hatred and develop class consciousness, what do we do next? We will seize control through a peaceful revolution if possible, through bloodshed is necessary. Our oppressors can give up the power or we will take it, regardless, they will be dethroned. Be it diplomacy or bloody torture, ultimatley its up to them and in the end we will see the Red Dawn.


  1. How do we maintain in power after taking it? Through proletariat dictatorship.
  2. The proletarian dictatorship must be established to A) Ensure that the proletariat remains in power. This single party system ensures that nothing will undermine our revolution. B) To safeguard our new constitution and laws, and to ensure that they reflect the needs and desires of the proletariat. 
  3. The proletarian dictatorship must be atheist. Individuals will be allowed to worship whatever religion they wish, however, in the dictatorship nothing comes before humanity, not even the concept of God. The rights of the citizen must be altruistic and humanistic and there must be no concern for divinity. The state must always respect the individual’s right to worship, God is a private matter, but as a collective our only concern is of Earthly matters which pertain to our revolution, so the state must remain atheist. 
  4. A system must be created to monitor and control economy with high regard to worker’s rights and the environment. We must develop a system of production control to limit the pitfalls popular in capitalism, and if they do arise to shorten their duration. 
  5. Although we will be a dictatorship we must remain a democracy. The proletariat will remain in power indefinitely, and those who make up the dictatorship will be periodically elected for terms by the people through popular vote. 
  6. There must be a transitional period. First we must transition to social democracy before moving onto socialism. The ultimate goal will be advanced communism, but we must not rush into it, it must be gradual to ensure success. 
  7. Minimum wage, universal healthcare, affordable housing and free education/vocational training are a priority. 
  8. Eventually we must begin to establish a period of living wage. When human labor is eventually replaced by artificial intelligence and machinery we must ensure that the people are taken care of. Capitalism has no plans to deal with this reality, one which is rapidly approaching. A living wage is the only viable solution. 

Regarding the Red Winter

  1. Red Winter is the period of bloody revolt that we hope to avoid in favor of diplomacy, but this is not to say we won’t resort to bloodshed when peace fails to produce the changes we demand.
  2. We must invoke the spirit of past Red Revolutions, in particular we must channel the ghost of Vladimir Lenin as we torture and kill our oppressors be th most cruel means.
  3. During the Red Winter we need to forgo empathy, we must dehumanize the oppressor. This is hard for many of us but you must ask yourself, does the oppressor have any negative feelings regarding your chains? Of course not, so when we boil them alive we will be as cold as the fresh snow and icicles. The only heat will come from our rage.
  4. This is the brutal nature of revolution. In the past no successful revolution has been carried out without barbarism and brutality, to some degree. We will be the demons that the church warned of, and we will liquidate entire bloodlines. The children of oppressors will never accept what we do to their parents, and we cannot lose ground, so we will subject the children of the oppressor to a quick, painless smothering death. This revolution is bigger than anyone person and nobody is exempt. If we are to achieve a worldwide shift in consciousness we must do what we need, we must get dirty.
  5. Soldiers of the Red Winter will require extensive psychological help after the war. We must never shame our heroes, all is permitted in war against oppressors. Invoke the spirits of John Brown and Nat Turner. If the Red Winter is declared nobody is spared.
  6. All actions during Red Winter against our enemies will be forgiven. We didn’t ask to be rabid, we were driven to this insanity and our soldiers will be forgiven the moment we, the proletariat, seize control.
  7. The proletariat has evolved beyond the working class. The poor, the disabled, and the wrongfully incarcerated all fall under this banner. We will unite and drop death like hail upon our enemies.
  8. Sacrifices will be made. Consider the philosophy of Emmanuel Kant and his system of deontonomy. When duty calls we must rise to meet its demands. If we must be a martyr so our brothers and sisters can taste victory then sacrifice yourself, we will immortalize you in song and literature, tell your story through cinema and teach our children of your sacrifices in school.
  9. The fascist has no purpose except as worm food. The fascist may be in our class but they are not one of us, this excludes those who believe in the dictatorship of the proletariat, this is necessary fascism that must exist to ensure equality is met. All other forms of fascism have no merit.
  10. As peace seekers we hope for a diplomatic surrender but we are fully ready for the Red Winter if need be.

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