Flag Burner

today is nothing but human waste

so hung up on the past, shooting for tomorrow

time is relative and every second is borrowed

God bless the war machines and the executive branch

he´s sending out the cogs to spill blood on Arabian sands

gotta prove to the world he´s a well endowed man

and we all will bend to the patriarchy´s need

goosesteps and flags

but dont you even dare drop to a knee

are you really still asleep

drunk on that tired American dream?

that silly head full of Christmas trees

worshipping Christ in a pagan festival of phallus

chimney socks packed with malice

serving the blood of christ in a suicide chalice

red, white and blue funeral drapes

gotta keep the no-fly list up to date

and in all this patriotic nonsense

we find nationalism and alt-right hate

from the good old boy frats to the masonic lodge

its all American, just like consensual rape

needles and speed, demonizing weed

Oxy-eyed benzo queens

methadone mile full of piss, shit and bile

why not, blame it on the strung out fiends

septic tanks backed up all the way to Wall Street

yeah, at the bottom its hard to keep clean

kill the poor, purge and prey

atomic cleansing

well, if you know what I mean

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