Yo-Hi in the Murky Sludge

Wood and concrete fuse with rot

If only these walls were permitted to speak

What value can one hold in light when it highlights death

Persistent admonition that there’s nothing left

Relapse, At first just a fracture 

These damning demons are oblivious to most

However I nurse them and raise them and cherish them

Accepting them, mysteries, anxiety and all

Then it unravels 

unadjusted eyes cannot identify the devils pissing in my mind

screams, carcinogenic, no sufficient shelter is found

Had I not been gracious enough to award you all front row seats?

Swallow the murky water which will bloat and remove bare flesh 

At this feast I encourage the devouring of your Gods 

let’s drink from the botched and broken

One thousand gallons of bloated decomposition

induce a little pleasure and ingest psychotropics

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