Worm Population

Sure, there were hints, the whispers and rambling

That’s when I felt the electricity rise through my chakras until I could taste the acrid

A worm with wings was her allure, it was clear that she sensed it

The lunar pull, I dragged her into my orbit

Initially I was taken aback by the pristine and curious pixie

But it never takes long before they start to dig where they don’t belong

Exhuming old habits, shifting through festering heaps

And that is when she first saw it

In her sound mind she simply called it eccentrics

By then she was in thrall to my bedlam

Poor creature, she was bewildered and ignorant to the rising water

Soon to be neck deep in mummified mistakes

where bog bodies float

disposed of like excrement or some pulpy miscarriage

I could have told her to swim but why exhaust the exertion

This is my disruptive shift and we must all adapt to transformation

Softly I tell her to let go, to bask naked and eviscerated

Soon those old roots will take to the muck of amniotic sludge

Yes, there was once a time where I too had been blissfully naïve

And now I watch her drown as another worm is born

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