Something Witchy

enticing and charming, she ́s got potent seduction

Subdued and silky with lustrous skin

That culling song teases, evokes me outside of society

Her fair complexion ́s absorbed in the full moon’s glow

I find myself inebriated by a bloody and deranged ballet

Elegance delivers the long knives into the  abdomen of pigs

Sadie ́s allure draws me closer, I can taste her LSD breath

She ́s mystical, her antics are nefarious and murderously arousing

There’s this  complete lack of mercy and it’s got me hot

no time for remorse during war and fuckery

Interlacing bodies allow me to worship her deepest curves

Susanś tongue runs along my spine and does something witchy

I find myself captivated and enslaved, I want to be her pig

Eagerly I beg for the knife to be plunged deep

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