¨Just to let you know, you´re bleeding all over the carpet.¨

Why do I subject myself to this?

I just had to have my period in a place like this. Blood draws out the dirt bags who behave just like a shark drawn to chum. Without so much as a gander at my surroundings or a peep from my peripherals, I can sense that all eyes at the bar are fixated on my ass. Although this is part of the hunt, I cant help but become enraged over the pigs. 

These goddamn cracker ass hillbillies cant seem to make up their drunken minds. Do they want to string a nigger up in the town square or to position themselves between a soft pair of thick ebony thighs? At the moment their heads are full of debauchery but the moment that they find themselves piss poor and unable to fuel their alcohol habits they will head on back to their trailer park to tell the boys all about the little nigger bitch and her bloody twat. These Neanderthals aren´t thinking about the boys right now, no sir, these Nazi fucks are salivating like a hungry hound just at the thought of earning their red wings with some dark meat. Swazi-boot boys never will admit to it but when it comes to jungle fever, they all want a crack at that gash.

In high school these scumbags were throwing their seed carelessly into any pretty set of white legs attached to a flat ass in hopes that the basic bitch Becky will one day offload a fresh Aryan baby who’s blue eyes would make Adolph melt. Despite all that pure-bred horseshit, what really got them firing on all eight cylinders was a true grit, kinky hair, soul sister voodoo queen. Whenever peckerwoods get a taste of the forbidden dark chocolate, they always seem to find themselves wrapped up between thick legs and howling like a fucking timber wolf.

The problem, well for Billy Bob at least, is that I´m much more than just another black gash for him to throw the bologna baton in, I´m a total bitch supreme with an insane hobby. You see, back at the double wide the white Becky collects shit like porcelain dolls and vintage silverware but not this gal. These types of things just don´t do it for me. I´m a total savage and my collection, and obsession, is in obtaining severed white pricks. 

Fuck me sideways, I just cant convey properly how much I adore the entire process of lopping off some redneck willy and tossing it into a mason jar filled with formaldehyde. You need to understand that it’s not only collecting the penises that I love, it’s art of seduction used to select and rope in my victim. And something special must be said regarding the dismemberment ritual, it just does something wicked for me. The process of how I actually sever the dicks is nothing short of fascinating.

Every day I exercise my kegel muscles with one of those pussy weights for an hour. Got to keep the old gal strong and ready to attack, so I got no choice but to give the dick grabber one hell of a workout. Then, from a small box, I retrieve a set of specially shaped razor blades which I carefully slide into my pussy hole. This is my fanged vagina, my dentata, and the castrator is ready to have some fun.

Luring the drunken morons is easy, they are completely turned on when a black woman perpetuates racial stereotypes. I guess it gives them this sense of being right in regard to all that supreme race bullshit. They believe wholeheartedly that I’m nothing more than some dumb coon and that I should be honored to be even given the chance to grind and ride that tiny womb broom.

¨My god, I ain´t never seen one quite so big. You think my puss can handle those thin four inches for the entire three-minute duration? ¨

I always love to lay it on thick, to get those true blood fucks all horned up so when their pecker is as hard as a rock, they offer it up, a sacrifice to my hidden trap. Right at the moment when Billy Bob Cross Burner finds himself mere moments away from an epic climax, I flex those kegels and activate the hidden razors. As my pussy chomps down, it stakes a claim on the recently separated cock. 

Oh, my fucking God, their faces are always so goddamn satisfying, I find that I just cant control myself. At that moment, I am all horned up with nothing to ride. With the dick still inside me, I rub one out, cumming loud and hard as I stare deep into his dying eyes, watching the light simply fizzle out.

When I´m finished, and Jethro has bled out, I fish the prick from my cunt and toss it into a preservation jar. I stand there for a moment or two, naked with blood running down from between my legs, holding my new trophy. Satisfaction sweeps throughout my body and just before leaving the prickless carcass behind I smile and say ¨Who´s the gash now, motherfucker? ¨

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