Crucified Excrement

The busted brass trumpets blare, held by tone deaf lepers

Apocryphal Godheads shiver to see me thrive in the grey

Left to gawk at the cretins who secreat lamb piss

Those left adrift suffocate in the squalor of drugs and sex

How many spurious cunts had the misguided lord molested

Ripped from the womb and molded by gaunt fingers

I have six days to billow beyond this brittle shell

And by the seventh the remarkable shall celebrate in sodomy

Jesus is the buffoon hiding beneath his mother’s skirt

I watched as he sanctified all those bullet wounds

The slack jawed mummies deny, deny and deny

As we quench our pollution with sweet red tincture

Sexy seraphs left damp with wide spread thighs

Shackled and bound to a dogwood bedpost

Rabid hounds howl with their insanity

As they are slaughtered just to appease liberated angels

Dare I ask who exhumed the moldy tales

I say its best we let carcasses rot

Join in throwing dirt upon the casket

Better yet, let us cremate the entire lot

Christ wept when he saw the army of New Gomorrah

Captains of leather invade Easter with their anal sex

The hyenas lap up the Jesuit blood

We will march forward to Golgotha to pulverize dusty bones

A Poignant shepard masturbates with crucifix wounds

Allow me to spread the salt and twist that old Roman spear

Only the beguiled lemmings listen to that twat

And the rest of us piss upon crucified excrement

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