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Welcome to my website. I’m John Putignano and this is where I post some of my short stories, poetry, and music.

My primary writing genres include Southern American Gothic, rural noir and horror. I have also written occult books under the name Asha’Shedim (available in the bookstore). My current music style is braindance/ambient electronic music.

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My writing tends to be very dark and often includes sensitive subject matter. In many of my stories the narrator is an unsavory character and the tale is written from their perspective. I have to stress that these characters do not reflect on my own personal views. I’m a die hard liberal, a feminist and a part of the LGBT community. Many of the characters that the reader will encounter are exaggerated examples of people that I have met throughout my life, and I have met some terrible people. I leave you with a trigger warning. Some of the stories contain elements of violence, sexual abuse, misogyny and racism.

Copyright 2021 John Putignano

If you want to use any of my work feel free to reach me via email putignanojohn@yahoo.com with the subject title ¨publishing inquiry¨. I check my email often and you can expect a response within 48 hours.

All work on this website is protected by copyrights held by John Putignano 2021. All rights reserved. Nothing from this website may be reproduced without the author´s written consent unless for it is for a review, in which case small parts may be used.

John Putignano

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